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RSPB Ground feeding sanctuary narrow mesh

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Folding cage guardian to protect ground-feeding birds from predators, creating a safe haven for them to feed. The narrow mesh will exclude larger garden birds and most adult squirrels.

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This narrow mesh folding cage guardian is designed to protect ground-feeding birds from predators, creating a safe haven for them to feed.

The narrow mesh will exclude larger garden birds and most adult squirrels. To encourage a wider range of birds to feed, you could opt for the wider mesh option instead.

The latest design of this guardian cage sanctuary has a wider base, to put more distance between your food and large birds like pigeons and doves. This makes this sanctuary even more effective at creating a safe area for small birds to feed in and excluding large birds from your RSPB ground table (sold separately).

Made from powder-coated steel, the guardian comes with pegs to secure it to the ground and there's room inside for an RSPB ground feeding table (not included). The top opens easily for cleaning and refilling.

This ground protector guardian has narrow mesh openings (4 x 6 cm gaps) which will deter larger garden birds, such as blackbirds, thrushes, doves and pigeons and most adult squirrels. Small and juvenile squirrels and starlings may still be able to access the bird food.

If you wish to prevent all but small garden birds from accessing your bird food, our adjustable ground sanctuary is a great choice, as you can set the mesh size to suit. If you have hedgehogs in your garden please consider removing the ground protector at night, or lifting it off the ground at one edge. It's very unlikely, but possible that they may try to get inside and get stuck.

  • Base measures: Width 58cm x Depth 58cm x Height 35cm.
  • Narrow mesh openings (4cm x 6cm gaps).
  • Made from powder-coated steel.
  • Includes pegs to fix it securely to the ground.
  • Ideal for keeping squirrels and larger birds like pigeons and doves away from ground feeding tables.


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Small birds took to it immediately and use it every day
I live on the coast. There are so many species of small birds here but also a lot of larger birds and gulls/pigeons. Plus, rodents.


Turned up with the metal clasps attached so all that had to be done was unfold it and it was done and up.

Larger than expected and if food put in the middle, larger birds absolutely cannot get to it.

I initially had on the ground but within a few days parts have started to rust so I bulit a raised table and put it on there with some corrugated 'plastic' to shield from the deluges of late.

Robins, Tits, House Sparrows, and a few beautiful little Wrens started using it within 24 hours.

Despite the usual advice that birds don't like cover, they seem to prefer using it when the clear corrugated polypropylene lid I made is on it, anchored with the clasps sent with the feeder-that I have no idea what were for. Some have gone there to eat and then stay to have a groom and rest out of the rain.

Pigeons were annoyed with it as I put the food in the middle and they couldn't get to it. Blackbirds were also annoyed.

Longevity-unknown as mentioned, sections have rusted within a couple of days after the green coating simply fell off- but I am coastal.

It certainly does stop bigger birds getting to the food, for that, 10/10. As I have put it higher up, with no plants around it to climb, it seems rodents aren't grabbing any food either. I have u-nailed it to the wood now as the crows/jackdaws started getting bolshy with it, ha!

I have put the larger mesh one next to it to dissuade larger birds from landing and pooing all over it. The large water dish is in the larger mesh at the edge so they can still pop their heads through and drink if they need to without any access to the food. I use a large 30cmx 6cm deep plant saucer.

I leave an even larger groud plant saucer for the birds to have a bath in-sited in the shade under cover again. The blackbirds have a whale of a time in it-bathing 3 at a time!

Reiew of the larger mesh version-all small birds can get in, but starlings/blackbirds are not entering or trying to enter after 3 months even after I put all their favourite food in it.

If it helps, the 'potting table that was' is over a metre from the ground and I hung the fat balls directly above it so the food tray catches the fallen bits.

The only design issue is that the metal clasps are very loose so it needs to be on fairly level ground for all four sides or it is a tad wobbly and the sides slip down. That's not a major issue but worth noting if you are going to make a raised platform for it.

I appreciate the use of metal, but with the flaky coating, in this instance I would suggest trying to find someone to make a bamboo/cheap natural wood version for a much cheaper price that can be slotted together, that way it can be composted and replaced every year.

Worth noting too that I now put food out for the Blackbird faily under some strategically pruned small shrubs to form a canopy-I left a gap big enough for them to get in and out and they prefer feeding under cover in my garden. I put the food out twice a day at set times, call them, and within seconds they are all within a metre of where I sit happily scoffing the raisins in the RSPB Blackbird food! <3

Not sure about the blue fat pellets in the Blackbird food though-they look just like slug pellets and no bird is touching them.

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Mike Holley
Mixed Results - Disappointed Overall
We bought this to provide a safe eating haven for small birds away from the Corvids and the Starlings, who we provide food for separately. It took a couple of days for any bird to venture in, visitors then included Robins, Dunnocks, Coal Tit, Blue Tits, Great Tits and House Sparrows (scarce in our region). Excellent start and just what we wanted to achieve. Then it all changed.

After a few days the gang of 25+ Starlings that visit our garden every day realised they could get in. The juveniles worked it out first, then the smaller adults followed. Now they dominate it whenever food is in there, at the expense of the species it is intended for. Now the only birds using it are the Starlings and House Sparrows, who don't seem bothered by the Starlings.

Disappointed overall and I can't recommend this if you are looking for a guardian that only allows smaller birds in.

RSPB response

Starlings are on the UK Red List for Birds of Conservation Concern and do need support.However if you have a large population you wish to deter, a Squirrel Buster might be the solution as it should close if multiple starlings were feeding at the same time.

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Rebecca Brown
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Not convinced
It definitely stops pigeons getting the food but they still hang around, although in fewer quantities. Unfortunately it does mean that other bigger birds like collared doves, jays, woodpeckers, parakeets etc. can’t get any food either, which is sad. Thankfully starlings can get in, but so too can squirrels, so I’m not convinced.
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