Christmas crackers


Plastic-free packaging and gifts in all our eco-friendly Christmas crackers

Crackers are a tradition in most households; loved by young and old alike. But they can contain plastic which will ultimately end up in landfill. You'll find no plastic gifts inside our ethical, eco-friendly Christmas crackers, and they're boxed in plastic-free packaging. Made from recycled paper from a sustainable source, and components are recyclable (or edible!). Our crackers that contain chocolate maintain our required ethical standards by using only Fairtrade chocolate - palm oil free of course. The ingredients are also organic, suitable for vegetarians, and made in the UK by chocolatiers Cocoa Loco. (Chocolate Robins and Chocolate Owls also available!) If buying more than one box of crackers, look out for the 'x2' options which are pre-discounted to save you money.

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Woodland recycled crackers with decorations, box of six product photo
Woodland recycled crackers with decorations, box of six

Christmas crackers FAQs

What are Christmas crackers?

Christmas crackers are a well known British tradition. They are simply made by wrapping a cardboard tube in brightly coloured paper or foil and make a snapping sound when pulled open. They usually contain a small gift, a silly joke, riddle or rhyme, and a paper hat fashioned like a crown. They are traditionally used as festive table decorations and pulled open before tucking into Christmas dinner.

Who invented Christmas crackers?

A London confectioner named Tom Smith is believed to be the original inventor of the Christmas cracker. Following a trip to Paris, where children were given sugared almonds individually wrapped in twists of paper, he brought the idea back to his shop in Clerkenwell and began selling them in 1847. in 1849, he replaced the sweet with a toy, and in the 1850's he decided to add the 'snap' element, supposedly after being inspired by the sound of logs crackling on his fire.

Where should Christmas crackers be put?

Christmas crackers are usually placed on the table next to or above dinner plates to be pulled right before Christmas dinner begins. Some people like to put them on their Christmas trees as extra decorations, but really they can go anywhere you please!

Can Christmas crackers be recycled?

Many Christmas crackers contain foil, glitter or plastic which means they cannot be recycled. However all RSPB crackers are plastic, foil and glitter free and so are the boxes, meaning the crackers and packaging can be fully recycled!