Bat detectors


Discover the world of bats with a Magenta bat detector! Bat calls are ultrasonic sounds, too high for humans to hear. Great for beginners, these heterodyne bat detectors convert ultrasonic bat calls into sounds that are audible to humans, allowing you to hear and identify these fascinating creatures when they are flying around nearby. Increase your chances of attracting them by growing flowers to attract bats, and providing a bat house in your garden.

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Magenta Bat 4 bat detector product photo
Magenta Bat 4 bat detector
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Magenta Bat 5 digital bat detector

Bat Detector FAQs

Why use a bat detector?

If you want to know what noises a bat makes, using a bat detector is key. Bat detectors such as the Magenta Bat 4 and 5 enable you to detect and monitor bats nearby. They can assist in identifying different bat species by listening to and recording bat echolocation calls, making them easy to analyse.

How does a bat detector work?

Bat detectors pick up bat’s ultrasound calls and compares them to a frequency you set on the detector. The bat call is then converted into sounds audible to humans. Depending on the bat detector type, a graphic of the bat sounds can also be displayed on the detector screen (such as the Magenta BAT 5). Different bat species have different call frequencies, and bat detectors can help differentiate between them.

How can a bat detector tell which type of bat is flying?

Each bat produces a different call where the frequency and rhythm of the sound can help with bat identification. Listening to bat echolocation calls and recording them with a bat detector can later help us determine the bat type, size and even behaviour. From the analysis of the bat echolocation call we can also tell the purpose of the call, for example if the bat is searching for food or if it's just a social call.

What types of bat detectors are there?

There are two main types of bat detectors: heterodyne bat detectors and broadband bat detectors. Heterodyne bat detectors are tuneable detectors which capture one bat frequency at a time, outputting a sound that is audible to humans. They are perfect for beginner bat enthusiasts. On the other hand, broadband bat detectors monitor all bat call frequencies whilst recording the original bat call, allowing for later sound analysis by professionals.

What is the best bat detector for beginners?

Heterodyne bat detectors, such as the Magenta 5 and Magenta 4 bat detector, are ideal for beginner bat enthusiasts. Although these handheld detectors cannot be used for sound analysis, they are easy to use and perfect for detecting bats on the field. They are also some of the cheapest bat detector kits on the market.