About cookies

Most websites use 'cookies' - they're small bits of text which your web browser uses to store information and helps us to give you a better experience on our website. They give websites the ability to remember and improve.

Why we use cookies:

  • So you can do things like login if you're an existing customer, and remain logged in as you browse our products.
  • To make our website better for you to use - for example, the website can 'remember' items in your basket if you have to leave before you can go through checkout.
  • To collect anonymous stats - it helps us improve the website if we know which pages are most popular.
  • So we can see how cost-effective our online advertising is. This information is anonymous but it means we get better value for money when placing ads.
  • For advertising on other sites with carefully-selected advertising partners - more details below.

Advertising cookies

Online advertising tracking

Third party cookies e.g. DoubleClick. These cookies are Third party cookies from carefully-selected advertising partners. They help the RSPB to measure and improve its online advertising and, therefore, reduce its marketing costs.

Non-identifiable personal data is stored and used to analyse online advertising by the RSPB.

When an individual clicks or responds to an RSPB online advert or email, a cookie is placed on the user’s computer. These cookies are used to track when and where users have viewed or clicked on adverts, to apply frequency caps, ensure that users see relevant adverts (based on information about their visit to our website and other websites) and to track actions or sales that have taken place.

Affiliate Future cookies to track commissioned sales from affiliates.

Affiliate Future cookies, Flash cookies and Veracitag which stores information in the web cache.

These cookies are necessary for the provision of service where the affiliate is a cash back website enabling users to receive voucher code discounts and cash back on purchases made on the RSPB website.

These cookies are also necessary to allow affiliate marketing to work. It is necessary to track transactions so commission can be paid to affiliates for sales initiating on their websites.

These cookies are used on affiliate websites that sell membership on behalf of RSPB in return for commission. Cookies trigger a commission to be paid to the website that generated the sale (this commission is passed on to the user in the case of cash back affiliates).

Managing cookies

Your web browser will let you specify which cookies you want to keep on your computer. Most browsers allow you to 'trust' certain websites by accepting cookies from them, while avoiding cookies from other sites. The All About Cookies website has a handy guide which explains how to manage your cookies: http://www.allaboutcookies.org/manage-cookies/

You won't see the warning message again on the RSPB Shopping website during this visit. But we will warn you again on subsequent visits.

However, if you've read about cookies and you're happy to accept our use of them, please click 'OK'.