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The gold standard for nature-positive products

Fair to Nature is the gold standard for nature-positive products, backed by the RSPB. Fair to Nature helps future-thinking farmers and companies create products in harmony with nature and meet ambitious sustainability, nature-positive and net-zero targets.

Farmers who grow Fair to Nature produce actively manage a minimum of 10% of their farmed area in a way that benefits nature. Wildlife areas include pollen and nectar habitats, wild bird food crops, hedges, ponds, woodland, and much more.

By choosing Fair to Nature products, you’re supporting these farmers who are taking concrete steps for improving biodiversity, as well as action to reduce their carbon footprint.

The RSPB supplies Fair to Nature sourced sunflower hearts and seeds, our most popular bird food ingredients.

As well as our sunflowers, other RSPB Fair to Nature ingredients include our oats, wheat, maize, canary seed and white millet. We are also working on sourcing Fair to Nature peanuts, as well as talking to a range of new producers to extend the number of Fair to Nature products on offer.

Where you see the Fair to Nature logo next to our bird seed or other products, you can be sure that the farms which supply them meet the rigorous conservation standards which allow wildlife to flourish.

So, by buying Fair to Nature products you’ll be supporting our struggling farmland wildlife in the UK and Europe and helping farmers to reduce their footprint, as well as enjoying great products.