Recyclable Christmas wrapping paper


Environmentally-aware gift wrap options

It is estimated that in the UK we get through 227,000 miles worth of Christmas wrap every year, so it's important to consider wrapping! Our Christmas wrapping paper is:

  • recyclable (glitter-free with no metalised paper)
  • made from recycled paper
  • printed with water based inks to reduce toxins to our environment.

Christmas wrap will be delivered separately to any other items ordered.

Tips for plastic-free gift wrapping

  • Try avoiding sticky tape to seal presents as the tape and the glue itself can be problematic.
  • Natural string such as hemp, jute or wool twine ticks a lot of eco-boxes(!) and looks great too.
  • Re-use cardboard boxes and tubes to help disguise your gifts (or make them easier to wrap!).

Choosing your Christmas wrapping paper from RSPB means you can help save nature while you shop. 90% of net proceeds will be used on conservation, public education and advocacy.
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12 Birds of Christmas recycled wrapping paper 10 metres product photo
12 Birds of Christmas recycled wrapping paper 10 metres
Woodland recycled wrapping paper 10 metres product photo
Woodland recycled wrapping paper 10 metres
British tits eco-friendly paper tape product photo
British tits eco-friendly paper tape

Eco Christmas wrap FAQs

Can Christmas wrapping paper be recycled?

The recycling of Christmas wrapping paper depends on the type of paper. Plain wrapping paper, as well as already recycled Christmas wrapping paper, can be easily recycled. However, Christmas paper which contains foil, glitter, plastic ribbons or sticky tape is considered non-recyclable.

How can I tell if the wrapping paper on gifts I receive is recyclable?

You can tell if wrapping paper is recyclable by scrunching it into a tight ball. If the paper stays scrunched and is free of non-recyclable additives such as dyes or plastic, it is most likely recyclable.

What types of eco-friendly Christmas wrapping paper are there?

Eco-friendly wrapping paper is made from sustainable recycled materials such as kraft paper, hemp, plant fibres or bamboo. Eco-friendly paper should also be sustainably sourced and recyclable, so it should be free from glitter, foil and toxic dyes. Our selection of Christmas gift wrap is all of these!

How can I recycle Christmas wrapping paper?

The best way to recycle Christmas wrapping paper is by reusing it. Keep it for next year or get creative and make beautiful crafts with it such as gift tags and Christmas decorations. You can also recycle your Christmas wrapping paper with your local council. Simply remove any ribbons, sticky tape or any other additives which may not be recyclable and pop it into your recycling bin.