Order FAQs

Frequently asked questions about orders with RSPB Shop.

Outstanding orders

When will my order arrive?

If your order in your account states 'InProgress' then your item(s) will be dispatched to you as soon as they are available.

  • Standard in-stock items are usually dispatched within a few hours if ordered on a weekday before 2pm. Most standard UK deliveries take 1-3 days to arrive once dispatched. 
  • If some items were out of stock / on pre-order, they will be sent separately once they become available.
  • Items delivered by direct delivery contain delivery timeframe details on the product pages as it varies depending on the supplier.

I don't have an account. How can I track my order?

You can:

  • Create an account and then view the order status from there
  • Call Customer services (9-5.30pm weekdays)
  • Look out for emails as everytime there is an update to your order such as a dispatch notification, we will email you on the email address you used to place the order

In My Account, I see the order status of Failed. What should I do?

If you see 'Failed' against an order it meanswe were unable to take the payment card information needed to process the order and therefore cannot progress it any further. Usually this is because there was an issue at the payment step, or the order was interrupted at that step. You will not be charged for an order with status of 'Failed'. You'll need to place the order again which you can do online or call our Customer service team who can place the order by phone for you.

In My Account, I see the order status of 'export failed'. What should I do?

If you see this status and it has been over 30 minutes since you placed your order, please contact RSPB Shop customer services who will be able to help. There may have been a technical issue with your order so they can contact somebody to help fix this in most cases.