Window bird feeders


Whether you live in a flat with no outdoor space, or you have a large garden with no space for a feeder, a window bird feeder is the perfect solution to keep garden birds visiting year round. Easy to install with strong suction cups, and easy to remove and clean. Choose from our range of window bird feeders below

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Gothic arch window feeder product photo
Gothic arch window feeder
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Gothic arch window feeder with 1kg Buggy nibbles
Window bird feeder product photo
Window bird feeder
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Window feeder starter pack
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Treat tray window feeder
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Bird feeder bracket
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Swift and swallow window stickers
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Garden birds window stickers

Window feeder FAQs

What are window bird feeders?

Window bird feeders are a great choice of bird feeder if you don’t have a garden or would just like to see the birds feed up close. They are typically smaller than standard feeders and can come in a variety of designs that stick to the window with suction cups.

Which birds use window feeders?

A variety of bird species can use window feeders like tits, nuthatches and finches although the types of birds you attract will depend on the type of food you put out and your location.

When is the best time to use a window feeder?

Window feeders are suitable for year-round use but the best time to use one will be when the conditions are right for the bird species you want to attract. By providing a variety of bird seed and keeping the feeder clean and well-stocked, you can enjoy watching a wide variety of birds up close throughout the year.

How to keep squirrels away from window feeders?

Squirrels are notorious for raiding bird feeders. It’s worth trying to place the window feeder high off the ground and away from trees making access harder, or using food like nyjer seed, which squirrels tend not to eat as much.

How do you clean window bird feeders?

Feeders should be cleaned weekly to protect your garden birds from infectious diseases. Dismantle the feeder and clean with a suitable disinfectant or a mild (5%) bleach solution, using a brush or scraper to remove tough dirt. Rinse after cleaning and ensure that components are dry before reassembling the feeder. Always clean feeders outside while wearing waterproof gloves.