Hedgehog houses

Adding a hedgehog house to your garden is a great way to support the species, which has seen significant declines over recent years. Back in the 50s there were 36 million hedgehogs in the UK, and now there are thought to be just a million left.

By placing a hedgehog house in your garden, you can provide these adorable mammals with both a place to hibernate and a home to raise little hoglets.

Position your hedgehog house in a quiet, shady area, ideally under some bushes and against a wall or fence. Don't forget to put out some fresh water and hedgehog food too!

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Hedgehog house FAQs

Do hedgehogs use hedgehog houses?

Hedgehogs will use hedgehog houses as they provide valuable protection, whether they are breeding, hibernating through the winter, or simply sleeping during the day. This is especially important given their recent loss of natural habitat, which has left them vulnerable to the elements and prey.

Where should you put a hedgehog house in your garden?

A hedgehog house should be placed in a peaceful corner of your garden, preferably against a bank, wall, or fence. Make sure the house's entry does not face north or north east, since this will help to keep the cold winter winds at bay.