Suet pellet nibbles & sprinkles


Nibbles and sprinkles, also known as suet pellets, are a high energy, nutritional supplement for wild birds. Our nibbles and sprinkles are all made from premium UK suet, and mixed with other bird favourites, designed to deliver good nutrition for your garden birds.

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Buggy nibbles 12.75kg bumper box
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High energy sprinkles 12.75kg

Suet pellets / nibbles and sprinkles FAQs

What are suet pellets?

Also known as nibbles and sprinkles, suet pellets are a small, high-energy food designed for wild birds, usually made of seed, animal fat and insects.

Are suet pellets good for birds?

Yes, suet pellets/nibbles and sprinkles are a great source of nutrition for a variety of birds. The pellets are easily digestible and energy dense. They are ideal for fuelling birds in the winter months when food is scarce.

What birds eat suet pellets?

Suet pellets, or nibbles and sprinkles, are enjoyed by many species of wild birds. Some of the most common birds that consume suet pellets are robins, blackbirds, tits and sparrows.

How to feed suet pellets to birds

Placement of your suet pellets is important to consider. By scattering them on the ground you’ll attract larger birds such as blackbirds and wrens. If you place them in a suet or seed feeder, you’ll give smaller birds a chance to eat too, as the larger birds are not able to consume food upside down.

Can ducks eat suet pellets?

No, ducks and other water birds like swans should not be fed suet pellets/nibbles and sprinkles as animal fats are not part of their natural diet. The fats are not easily digestible and have the potential to cause health problems if they consume too much.

Are suet pellets harmful to dogs?

In small quantities, suet pellets are not harmful for dogs as the ingredients are non-toxic, but issues can occur if they consume too much. In dogs, high-fat meals have the potential to cause a condition known as pancreatitis which can be deadly, so ideally you should avoid letting them consume suet.

Are suet pellets ok for hedgehogs?

Suet pellets/nibbles and sprinkles are not harmful for hedgehogs as the ingredients are non-toxic, but due to the high amounts of fat they should not be consumed daily.