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      A quality mealworm bird feeder helps birds access a highly nutritious meal packed with protein and fibre. When you purchase a mealworm feeder with RSPB we guarantee: 

      • Long-lasting, quality design
      • Uninterrupted transparent views
      • No-quibble free returns policy

      We have a range of versatile mealworm feeders at RSPB. Make your garden more attractive to local birdlife by serving their favourite food in an easily accessible feeder. 

      Buy your mealworm bird feeder from RSPB and support our vital wildlife conservation work. All profits from your purchase are reinvested into amazing projects like the Berkshire arable wildlife project — an initiative that supports a variety of natural habitat in Berwickshire.

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      What kind of feeder do you use for mealworms? 

      Live mealworms crawl, meaning it’s best to use a mealworm bird feeder that keeps them contained. Take an egg terracotta bird feeder or a large dome feeder for example. These feeders have smooth sides with high walls, making it easy for birds to feed on, but difficult for mealworms to escape. 

      That said, there are many other mealworm feeders that do a great job. For instance, RSPB’s ground feeding table is a sturdy feeder that reduces waste with a plastic tray to allow for regular, easy cleaning. 

      Are mealworms good bird food for your feeder? 

      Mealworms are a great source of natural, nutritious food for birds. Packed with healthy fat, protein and fibre that help strength and growth, mealworms make great bird food that feeds hungry birds all year round. You can also add mealworms to dried bird food such as seed mixes to create a more varied and attractive offering around your feeder. 

      What garden birds are attracted to mealworm feeders? 

      Soft-billed and perching birds love to eat mealworms — so watch out for these birds around your feeder: 

      • House sparrows
      • Blue tits
      • Robins
      • Starlings
      • Thrushes

      Many other varieties of birds also eat mealworms if they’re available, which makes them a great food for attracting birds all year round

      Is it okay to add dried mealworms to your feeder? 

      Dried mealworms lack the same nutritional value as live mealworms, but are suitable to feed birds. They still offer lots of benefits that help healthy birds grow and stay strong. Plus, dried mealworms are far easier to store and place in your bird feeder.

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