RSPB Ultimate easy-clean® nut & nibble bird feeders with guardian & seed tray (new)

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£ 39.99
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Product information

Bird feeder kit containing the incredibly tough RSPB Ultimate easy-clean® small nut & nibble bird feeder and a protective guardian cage. Ideal for feeding peanuts and suet pellets/nibbles to your garden birds. High-quality and durable, these feeders are made to withstand the elements with stainless steel mesh and powder-coated zinc alloy fittings. Adding a guardian to your feeder can help protect smaller birds from predators, and safeguard the contents from adult squirrels, whilst the included tray prevents excess food from falling to the ground.

The guardian slips over the feeder, then screws into place securely, and is easily removed for cleaning and refilling the feeder.

  • Easy-clean® feeder design with easy-fit guardian, so refilling and cleaning is simple
  • Food tray also included
  • 500ml capacity for bird food such as suet pellet mixes (try our popular buggy nibbles!) and peanuts

Ultimate vs Classic range

The green lid, base and perches of our Ultimate bird feeders are made of durable zinc alloy, making them longer-lasting and suitable for gardens with squirrels and parakeets. (If these visitors usually destroy your bird feeders, you'll find the zinc alloy parts on our Ultimate feeders resist damage from claws and teeth, so your Ultimate feeder will last much longer).

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