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    More popular than ever!

    Due to great demand, we have taken our best-selling birdsong clock and added a new touch.

    With authentic birdsongs, each hour is marked with an image of one of your favourite British birds illustrated by famous wildlife artist Mike Langham.

    A great present for every bird lover!

    • Sounds start at 6am
    • Sounds stop at 9pm
    • Requires three AA batteries (not included)

    Type of bird
    • Blackbird
    • Great spotted woodpecker
    • Robin
    • Song thrush
    • Wren
    • Tits
    • Finches
    • Owls

    20 cm diameter



    The birds will not sound between the hours of 9pm to 6am.

    Please recycle your electrical items and batteries. Find your nearest recycling centre at

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    Age: 55 - 64

    Good, realistic bird song, a bit too quiet, wondered if there was any way of making the birdsong louder. Very pleased with it after my previous one wore out after some 15-20 years.
    Value for money
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    Age: 55 - 64

    LOVE IT! A new take on the cuckoo clock!
    Saw this clock in the RSPB catalogue which landed on my doorstep, would never have known such a wonderful thing existed otherwise!

    Having already bought my own dawn chorus of soft toy singing birds from RSPB (which are fantastic), I knew I would be able to listen to the hourly birdsong clock 'chimes' online (such a great asset) though not mentioned in the catalogue (an oversight). Went to the website, I was in heaven, just the best thing I had ever come across...

    I did a quick check re the usual other online places (as you do) – they had imitations, up to half the price but poor reviews and no way to listen – so I didn't hesitate to order from RSPB. It came 2 days early.

    By the way, I live in a nice new estate with a few established trees nearby but not many, so not a lot of the raucous dawn chorus that I was brought up on, nor all the rest throughout the day.

    My clock lives on the middle floor of three so we can hear it everywhere! It 'chimes' every hour but not after 9pm or before 6am, just as described (don't ask me how it does this!),

    By the way, it does NOT have a loud 'tick'.

    We are in Covid-19 days, we have been in lockdown for 11 weeks now and this clock brings so much sunshine into our lives, even though this Spring has officially been recorded as the sunniest on record! But I would love this clock just as much regardless of tricky times!

    It's lovely to be woken by the wren at 7am, and then all the other 'chimes' just make me chuckle, they are so lovely to hear as the hours go by as I sit at my computer on the kitchen table...

    I especially love the cuckoo at 2! I could be on a business call to Switzerland as it chimes, they can hear it and I have to chuckle... it's so much fun!

    I love it so much I have ordered another 5! All as gifts, some for my neighbours (who live in the same tree-less environment) who miss birdsong as much as I do, and some to send on.

    I want to add the batteries and reset each gift clock before I send so they arrive 'ready to go'! I especially want the clocks in the post to chime each hour, so wherever they are in their transit the people nearby wonder where that cuckoo is coming from!

    I know this is a slightly longer review than normal, but I would also like to say that RSPB customer services have been FANTASTIC (because I made a mistake ordering my extra batch of clocks).

    And the postal packaging is perfect, made to measure. And my clock came 2 days early (did I say that already?)

    My ONLY regret is that I spotted this clock and bought as a treat for myself, and that someone else didn't buy it first knowing it was the perfect gift for me!

    Thank you RSPB
    RSPB response
    Thank you for your wonderful review. It has left us with big smiles!
    Value for money
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    Age: 55 - 64

    clock goes silent!
    I've had a bird clock for years and it's finally died. So I've ordered another, but am dismayed to realise that it stops singing at 9pm! All you have to do is switch the lights off for it to mute itself, so don't understand why it's been forcibly silenced. What a shame.
    Value for money
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    Age: 55 - 64

    The Most Useful Clock in the House
    That good I'm buying one also for Forest School (a children's nursery).
    Value for money
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    Age: 25 - 34

    The Tawny Owl in the Room
    We've had this clock for a very long time and love it. It's in our bedroom but responds to light so the birds are quieter if it's darker. If you're not in sight of a clock you can hear the birds on the hour, which is useful and it's lovely to hear bird song throughout the day. It's a nice looking clock too. If you work night shift and are a light sleeper then it might not be for you as even when we try to black out the room during the day, the light sneaks in and sets the birds off. Great gift for almost any age though.
    Value for money
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