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High energy sprinkles

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Made of premium UK suet mixed with tasty raisins, oil-rich nyjer seed and nutritious sunflower hearts, our high energy sprinkles are a delicious and healthy treat for birds.

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Made of premium UK suet mixed with tasty raisins, oil-rich nyjer seed and nutritious sunflower hearts, our high energy sprinkles are a delicious and healthy treat for birds.

Perfect for feeding on the ground, on a bird table or in a mesh nut and nibble feeder, these versatile sprinkles are enjoyed by most garden birds.

Sprinkle them under shrubs and you might even attract shy species like the song thrush.

Supplied in a resealable pouch, our high energy sprinkles are perfect for feeding birds all year round.

Allergens: Contains Peanut Flour.

Please note: This food is not suitable for gardens with dogs.

  • Made from premium UK suet, raisins, nyjer seed and sunflower hearts.
  • Feed from mesh nut and nibble feeders, bird tables or on the ground.
  • Suitable all year round.
  • Supplied in a resealable pouch.
  • Not suitable for gardens with dogs.

Type of bird
  • Blackbird
  • Chaffinch
  • Coal tit
  • Long-tailed tit
  • Robin
  • Song thrush
  • Starling
  • Wren
Our suet products are specially formulated to make them suitable for year-round feeding. However, if positioned in direct sunlight they may soften or melt in very hot weather. If this is happening, try placing them in a shaded spot instead, or waiting until the weather is cooler.

Contains vine fruits, which can be harmful to dogs if eaten.
Weight 12.75 kg Dimensions cm (approx.) 50 w x 13 d x 61 h

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Too popular!!
All of our garden visitors love these, including the rooks, jackdaws and wood pigeons. The pigeons were a surprise because I thought they were seed eaters. We alternate between these and buggy nibbles and also put out filled coconuts, fat balls ,peanuts, seeds, apples etc, etc..... I have to say we spend a fortune on bird food but oh what joy they bring!. We recently had someone to repair our roof and he said how much he enjoyed being in our garden, which is only a modest, country town plot.
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Packaging for 12.75kg boxes needs addressing.
I buy two varieties of the suet pellets and am in no doubt that many birds love them - they are gone within a minute or two of being put out!
Please, RSPB, pay attention to what customers are saying about packaging and do something about it. A previous box, delivered in October, barely had enough waxed/greaseproof paper to protect the food in transit. The latest box, delivered late November, has been packed appallingly. The amount of waxed paper used to line the box was so small that it didn't even extend to sides of box. The contents were without any covering whatsoever on the top, which left the suet pellets exposed. Upon opening the box, the top layer spilled out everywhere.
This is an expensive item to purchase. Please do better with the packaging.
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Jae Davis
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Perfect Size!
Please, please don't every discontinue these- they are perfect for my feeders!
I had to stop using ordinary suet pellets, because they put the birds in our garden at risk. We have an excessive number of neighbouring cats come into our garden, and with suet pellets what would often happen is that a bird would take one before flying into a hedge or shrub to eat it.
However, because some of the pellets can be long, half would fall to the ground - the bird would fly down to retrieve it and a cat would pounce. I used to spend hours in front of the telly breaking the pellets up into small bits trying to avoid this scenario happening, but it did cause my hands ache.
With these smaller sprinkles, I can break them up quicker and without risking giving myself arthritis.
The birds love them, and hoover them up within minutes!
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