Coconut bird feeders


Our easy-to-hang coconut halves are a great source of food for many birds, especially blue tits and long-tailed tits. Packed with premium suet, a coconut bird feeder will allow birds to easily cling to the sides and enjoy a nutritious meal all year round.

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Coconut shell treats box of 10 product photo
Coconut shell treats box of 10
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Buggy coconut shell treats box of 10

Coconut bird feeder FAQs

What are coconut bird feeders?

Coconut bird feeders, also known as coconut halves or coconut shells, are an all-in-one bird food and feeder made from hollowed-out coconut shells that have been refilled with suet.

Are coconut bird feeders good for birds?

Yes, coconut feeders are good for birds and can be included as part of a balanced diet. They are usually filled with suet and bird seed. The shell provides a natural place for them to perch.

Where should I place my coconut bird feeder?

Coconut bird feeders are usually hung from a tree branch in an area that has protection from wind and rain. Hanging them up high enough will also stop the other local critters from feeding on them.

Which birds will eat from the coconut feeder?

Coconut feeders will attract a variety of birds. Some of the most common you’ll see include tits, nuthatches, woodpeckers and starlings.

When is the best time to put out my coconut bird feeder?

The best time to put out a coconut bird feeder will depend on a variety of factors including the weather, time of year and the birds you are trying to attract. However, winter can be an especially helpful time to put out your coconut bird feeder as food is typically scarce at this time of year, and suet provides birds with much needed proteins and calories.