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      Sunflower hearts and sunflower seeds for birds are high in protein and healthy fats that provide vital nutrition for most bird species — so why not fill your feeder? When you buy bird food from RSPB you can count on:

      • Rich nutrition for healthy birds
      • A locally sourced, premium mix
      • No-quibble free returns
      • Our sunflower hearts and seeds are fair to nature and can be used all year round

      Help support RSPB's vital conservation work by buying bird food. All profits made from your purchase are reinvested in projects helping wildlife thrive locally and around the world.

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      Like many other industries, we are currently seeing unprecedented disruption to supply chains across Europe. Please be assured we are doing all we can to keep everything in stock, but there may be times over the coming months when we see shortages on some of our bird seed.

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      Sunflower Seeds FAQs

      What is the difference between sunflower seeds and sunflower hearts? 

      Sunflower hearts are sunflower seeds that have the husk and outer shell mechanically removed, which means sunflower hearts cause less mess in your garden when birds come to feed. 

      Can you put sunflower seeds in a bird feeder? 

      Sunflower seeds attract a wide variety of birds, which makes them a great choice for most outdoor bird feeders. If you’re using sunflower hearts for birds, know that the chips quickly spoil and can harbour bacteria, so fill your bird feeder with no more than can be eaten in a day or two.

      Is too much sunflower seed bad for birds? 

      Sunflower seeds are an excellent food source, but eating too much can be bad for birds. The high-fat content in sunflower seeds can cause obesity in birds, so it’s best to feed in moderation with a healthy mixture of other seeds like flaked maize and peanut granules. 

      For more information read our guide on what birds eat — this will help you understand foods to use and avoid.