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    A source of protein and calories valuable during the hectic breeding season and through colder weather, mealworms for birds can be sprinkled onto tables, into some feeders, or onto the ground.

    • Supplied in resealable pouches for year-round use.
    • Popular with insect-loving birds such as blackbirds, robins and tits.
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    TIP: If buying dried mealworms rather than live mealworms, soak in warm water for 20-60 minutes before putting out to provide valuable moisture content. This makes them more attractive to birds plus easier to digest - especially for younger birds.

    Mealworms FAQs

    Are mealworms good bird food? 

    Mealworms are a great source of natural, nutritious food for birds. Packed with healthy fat, protein and fibre that help strength and growth, mealworms make great bird food that feeds hungry birds all year round. You can also add mealworms to dried bird food such as seed mixes to create a more varied and attractive offering around your feeder. 

    What garden birds eat mealworms? 

    Soft-billed and perching birds love to eat mealworms — so watch out for these birds around your feeder: 

    • House sparrows
    • Blue tits
    • Robins
    • Starlings
    • Thrushes

    Many other varieties of birds also eat mealworms if they’re available, which makes them a great food for attracting birds all year round

    Is it okay to feed birds dried mealworms? 

    Dried mealworms lack the same nutritional value as live mealworms, but are suitable to feed birds. They still offer lots of benefits that help healthy birds grow and stay strong. Plus, dried mealworms are far easier to store and place in your bird feeder.