Woodcrete by Schwegler 32mm nestbox

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£ 31.99
£ 31.99
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RSPB exclusive

Simple to install, inspect and clean, Schwegler nextboxes are famous for their durability. Schwegler have been making nest boxes for birds, bats and insects for over 50 years.

These nestboxes, in colours exclusive to the RSPB, will last at least 20-25 years and are readily adopted by garden birds.

They are made from a patented wood-concrete material consisting of 75% wood, which provides insulation and aids ventilation.

Comes with easy-hang hook, and a forestry approved aluminium nail is included. Backed by an incredible 25 year guarantee!

The 32 mm entry hole nest box may attract tits, sparrows, redstarts and nuthatches.

With a wide range of expertly-designed bird houses to choose from, you can easily provide a safe, welcoming home in your garden for different wild birds. RSPB Shop also provides advice on where to locate your bird house. Help us give nature a home! 

Type of bird
  • Coal tit
  • Blue tit
  • Great tit
  • House sparrow

RSPB exclusive |Easy-hang hook |Durable


For more information about siting a nest box please see the Advice section of the main RSPB website.

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Age: 55 - 64

Great quality box
We bought one of these boxes last year and we’re delighted to say that some blue tits have moved in. We are delighted because we thought it would take longer to become occupied. The box is well made and because it is heavy does not get affected by the weather. We are going to buy another one because they are definitely worth the money.
Value for money
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Age: 45 - 54

Schwegler Nest box
A really great nest box and worth every penny as the reviews say its heavier than wood but the insulation values are great for the birds. I have several of the boxes around my garden and all are being used year after year by the birds.
Great present also with Christmas around the corner !
Value for money
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Schwegler are no. 1 for me
I bought my first schwegler box 15 years ago. I thought it was ugly but decided to put MY wants and needs to one side and consider what was best for the birds. I had read that more young survive in schwegler boxes thqn any other and are very easy to maintain. In reply to the other comment, yes, they are heavy. However, they are a quality product and built to last. My original box is still in great shape and looks to be able to last another 15 years at least. I am 53 and getting arthritis but I can still take my boxes down, clean, etc. they are only heavy in comparison to lightweight wooden boxes. I now have 8 schweglers. I have gone back to the wooden ones on occasion because they look lovely, but they do tend to let in the damp and are expensive to keep replacing and are harder to clean out. Schweglers are very very easy to disassemble, it takes seconds. Compare this to taking down a wooden box, trying to remove the screws, difficult if the wood has swollen. They do not let in the rain. A good wooden box shouldn't either and if it is brand new then I wouldn't be worried. However, by the second or third year, I am loosing confidence. Not so with my schweglers. I feel 100 per cent confident that inside that box is snug and dry. They are used by top professionals as the best box above and beyond any wooden box. The only negative is that they are not as aesthetically pleasing. However, the main desire is as many healthy chicks to survive as possible. I cannot recommend them highly enough.
Value for money
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large and heavy, but a quality item for the right spot
I have had a Schwegler for some years, similar to this one. It is a beautifully made item and weathers nicely over time. The top-hanger means that in practice you can hang it higher in the tree than you could if you tried to nail or screw it in. In any case I refuse to put nails or screws into my trees. As the previous reviewer said, it is large and very heavy, so you need a stout tree to take it. I tend to be unlucky with nestboxes, few birds taking them up, but the Schwegler has been used by great tits every year. The drop-away front means that cleaning can be done without taking the box down.
Value for money
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Durable and a favourite with birds
Yes, these are heavy, but they are thick, durable and a firm favourite with our local bird population - our tit numbers especially have rocketed with these boxes, but other birds find them equally attractive. Once in place, they can be left for years - some of ours have been up for nearly twenty years and are still going strong.
Value for money
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Long lasting and bird friendly design
I have just bought 3 of these boxes.
I have had a woodcrete box for several years and it is my only box that is regularly used by birds. My wooden boxes tend to get damp where as these stay dry and last many years.
I have just cleaned out my woodcrete box after another year's successful nesting and am replacing my wooden boxes with more of these type.
I am very pleased with this product and a few pounds more than a wooden box is to me well worth the money for its durability and effectiveness as a breeding site in my garden.
Value for money
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Beware. Huge and heavy
I bought a Schwegler next box some years ago and was delighted with it, However, they must have changed them since.
The nest box is well made and I'm sure if you have a wall or post to secure it to the birds would love it, but if you are thinking of attaching it to a tree you need to beware.
This next box was not only gigantic, but it weighed a ton.
The nail to fix it to the tree was least 3 inches long.
Sadly I had to return it.
Value for money
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