RSPB Ultimate easy-clean® nyjer seed bird feeder with guardian & seed tray (new design)

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Product information

Nyjer seed bird feeding kit comprising the durable RSPB Ultimate easy-clean® nyjer seed bird feeder, a protective guardian cage, and a seed tray. Adding a guardian to your feeder can help protect smaller birds from predators, and safeguard the contents from adult squirrels. The included seed tray prevents excess seed from falling to the ground, whilst the high quality metal nyjer seed Ultimate feeder features comfortable ring perches and improved ventilation to keep the seed fresh for longer.

The guardian slips over the feeder, then screws into place securely, and is easily removed for cleaning and refilling the feeder.

The Nyjer feeder features smaller ports than regular seed feeders to ensure the tiny seeds do not flow too quickly. The nutritious seeds, rich in protein and fats, often attract finches and siskins.

  • Easy-clean® feeder design with easy-fit guardian, so refilling and cleaning is simple
  • Seed tray included
  • Suitable for tiny, nutritious nyjer/niger seed
  • Improved ring perch design for 2021 incorporating customer (and bird!) feedback (matching the popular Classic Easy-clean® ring perch)
  • Extra ventilation in the feeder lid to minimise condensation and keep food fresh
  • Ultimate feeder perches, lid and base are made from a powder-coated zinc alloy, around a durable, UV-stabilised polycarbonate tube that won't weaken or discolour in the sun

Feeder size guide

RSPB Ultimate feeder size:
Feeding ports
500 ml
1 litre
1.5 litres
Height (inc. handle)
31 cm
49 cm
69 cm
6.3 cm
6.3 cm
6.3 cm

Ultimate vs Classic range

The green lid, base and perches of our Ultimate bird feeders are made of durable zinc alloy, making them longer-lasting and suitable for gardens with squirrels and parakeets. (If these visitors usually destroy your bird feeders, you'll find the zinc alloy parts on our Ultimate feeders resist damage from claws and teeth, so your Ultimate feeder will last much longer.) Both ranges are Easy-clean® and feature a UV-stabilised polycarbonate tube that won't weaken or discolour in the sun, and both now feature the same comfortable ring perch design.

Nyjer seed vs other seed feeders

Nyjer seed is very fine and can flow too quickly out of a non-specialised bird seed feeder, ending up on the ground or going to waste. Normal bird seed feeders are designed to allow foods such as sunflower hearts or oats to filter through to the birds waiting hungrily on the perches. The Nyjer feeders feature smaller ports to ensure the Nyjer seed does not flow too quickly. The Ultimate Seed tray provides extra perching space and reduces waste further.

Popular with beautiful birds such as finches (particularly goldfinches and greenfinches) and siskins, tiny nyjer seeds are extremely nutritious and rich in oil. This provides a wonderful energy source for garden birds, helping to build fat stores and keep them warm. Nyjer seeds are also rich in protein which is essential for the re-growth of feathers throughout the year.

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Age: 65+

After having no goldfinches visiting for some months I decided that the coating on the feeder holes had reduced their size so the seed was difficult for the birds to extract. I contacted RSPB and they sent replacements and I saw goldfinches again! I've subsequently used a file to enlarge the holes.
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Age: 65+

Yes but
I purchased this feeder two months ago to replace a nyjer feeder which was well used by our goldfinches but had been destroyed by squirrels. The new feeder is well made and has resisted the attention of the local squirrels but so far the goldfinches have not visited. I am at a loss to know why?????
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