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Premium peanuts 900g

(38 Reviews)

  • High-quality peanuts.
  • Ideal for siskins, tits and finches.
  • Do not contain detectable aflatoxin.
  • Suitable for our wire mesh nut and nibble feeders.

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Product description

  • Customer notice
    Due to the ongoing issues in the Red Sea, we have had to change our Premium peanuts in the short term.  Please be assured these peanuts are still excellent quality and are rigorously tested for safety in the same way as our previous ones. However, you may now find there is a small percentage of split peanuts in your bag.

Rich in protein and fat, RSPB Premium peanuts are a high-energy favourite with a whole host of garden birds, including tits, finches and siskins.

Our Premium peanuts are just that - top-quality peanuts that are delicious and safe for garden birds to enjoy. Safety is our top priority, and as such we reject any peanuts containing detectable aflatoxin. Aflatoxin, sometimes found in poorer quality peanuts, can build up in birds' bodies, eventually leading to death.

Feeding guidelines

Feed peanuts from a secure, wire mesh nut and nibble feeder to avoid the risk of young birds choking on big pieces. Add a guardian if you don't want squirrels to join the feast!

Type of bird
  • Blue tit
  • Coal tit
  • Great tit
  • Long-tailed tit
  • Siskin

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All peanuts are not the same!
I used to think a bag of peanuts was a bag of peanuts, but my garden birds have proved more discerning! There are cheaper alternatives on the market, but its false economy as they just get wasted whereas the birds (and to be honest, the squirrels) really enjoy these and wolf them down.

RSPB response: Thank you for your review of our peanuts. It's great to hear that you recognise the difference between our premium peanuts and the cheaper alternatives on the market. We source the best possible peanuts for birds and will not compromise on quality.
Value for money
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they are jovial, curteous, intelligent, strong.
all visitors are enjoying these peanuts
I'm finding these peanuts are popular with all the wildlife visitors and its surprising to me that the current first reviews are negative. I found peanuts 3/4 of the price, but I can, and so I have, recently bought another 2 x 12.75 kg bags, as RSPB food profits go back in to help, its my form of a donation. The quality is assured, and it will be rectified correctly, with the wildlife's' protection at the forefront, if it is not. Also the wildlife teams' Charlottes' expertise knowledge resolved elements of care from lots of reading over many months about many species in the garden I would never have had access to fully resolve without her help. I am grateful. I regularly buy mealworm super suet balls, dried mealworms, sunflower hearts, and buggy nibbles from RSPB. They enjoy it all.
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Aside from dried Mealworms, nothing is more popular with my local birds than these peanuts.

I ordered a 5.5KG bag a month ago and here I am again, getting the 12kg bag this time. Interestingly the birds don't like to use the nut feeder that I have, so I took to using a food processor to grind up the nuts and pour them onto a mesh tray feeder and onto the ground for the Blackbirds etc.

... And BOY do they move fast! No matter whether I put out a handful or fill the tray right to the top, it'll be empty within a couple of hours. These are extremely popular nuts - almost too popular, since continuing to feed the birds at this rate is a challenge given the rather high prices here on RSPB.

Top notch grub!
Value for money
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