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      A stone bird bath is a lovely addition to any garden and a great way to support your local birdlife. Birds need water to drink and to bathe. Providing them with a place to do both is a great way to encourage them to visit your garden.

      Whether you’re after a simple stone bird bath or more of a statement piece, we have a range of stone bird baths to suit all gardens, big or small.

      For more information on choosing a bird bath, take a look at our bird baths guide.

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      Stone bird bath FAQs

      How do you clean a stone bird bath?

      It is vital you regularly clean your stone bird bath to help prevent the spread of infectious diseases. Rinse out your bird bath and change the water daily, to remove any debris, dead leaves and bird droppings. A more thorough clean should take place on a weekly basis. Wear waterproof gloves and use a scrubbing brush to remove dirt and algae, along with a non-toxic disinfectant or a mild (5%) bleach solution. Use soapy water if disinfectant is not available. Rinse the bird bath thoroughly afterwards and refill with fresh water.

      Should I put rocks in a stone bird bath?

      Adding rocks or stones to the deepest part of your bird bath gives smaller birds something to stand on when cleaning themselves. Large, flat stones work well as they provide a sturdy, non-slippery platform. Pebbles or gravel can also give birds somewhere secure to perch.

      Where should I put my stone bird bath?

      Position your stone bird bath away from direct sunlight. Place it in a shaded area with some shelter to keep the water relatively cool and to help prevent algae from forming.

      How do you seal a stone bird bath?

      Sealing your stone bird bath can give it extra protection from the elements, and potentially extend its lifespan. Ensure the bird bath is cleaned and dried before attempting to seal it. Position it somewhere under cover (for example a garage or workshop) before you begin sealing. Apply two coats of non-toxic sealant to the entire bird bath and allow it to dry for at least 48 hours. Place it in your desired spot and fill with water.