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Nyjer seed bird food 12.75kg x2 Nyjer seed bird food 12.75kg x2 Nyjer seed bird food bowl Nyjer seed bird food sacks Nyjer seed bird food blue tits

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Success and mess

I decided to try niger seed earlier this year, having seen goldfinches enjoying it in other poeple's feeders. I hung the feeder from a branch overhanging my back lawn, not too far from my feeding station, but, for weeks, it was completely ignored and none of the seed was taken. In desperation I moved the niger feeder and hung it in my front hedge and, sure enough, the seed began to go down, but there was a lot spilled on the ground. To be sure the seed was being eaten I moved the feeder along the hedge so that I had a better view of it and I was happy to see several juvenile goldfinches vist daily. Now in adult plumage, they also visit the feeding station at the back of the house as when things are quiet for a mid-morning snack from the no mess sunflower mix, later returning to the niger seed until dusk. I have a lovely view of them from my seat at the computer but they are very quick to fly away if I venture outside.
The problem is the amount of wasteage of such expensive seed and the effect on the lawn below. I have tried fitting a tray to the bottom of the feeder. This catches a lot of seed but the goldfinches are fussy little birds and they only eat the freshest seed, not the seed in the tray or any that I try to return to the feeder, and this mild damp autumn has seen very quick germination in the tray. I have tried putting the discarded niger into a dish to offer to other species near the base of my feeding station, but it seems that I am only encouraging the invasion of an alien plant species in my back lawn when the dish gets knocked over. By SAB, on 2 Nov 2013
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expensive but excellent for goldfinches

Last winter I counted 12 goldfinches on my nyjer feeder. Not many around during the hot weather but now they are returning; have seen six
already. I have to top up the feeder twice a day as they LOVE it ! By yvonne, on 6 Aug 2013
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Nyjer seed disappointment

This food has proven to be an expensive disappointment. None of my birds appear to like it - not the siskins, not the gold finches, nor the green finches although a couple of red polls did try it. Over the past month hardly any has been eaten and most of my birds for which it was intended prefer to queue on the feeder waiting for a chance to get at the seed mix extra. I've no idea how long it will take me to get through 2 x 12.75 kg bags. Does anyone know any nyjer seed bread or cake recipes? By Jaguar231, on 2 Jul 2013
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Nyjer seed 12.75kg x2

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This tiny, oil-rich, energy-giving black seed is highly nutritious and may well entice goldfinches, greenfinches and siskins into your garden, if they are already present in your area.
We recommend using a special nyjer feeder with a seed tray to reduce waste because this seed flows so easily.

Most garden birds will eat many different foods. Here's a quick guide to the birds that particularly enjoy this food, though other species may also enjoy it too:

- Goldfinch - Siskin - Greenfinch
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In stock

Nyjer seed 12.75kg x2


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