Pollinating bee attractor seed pack

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    A special native wildflower seed mix to attract pollinating bees plus a colourful guide.

    This 2-part pollinating bee attractor pack combines a specially selected range of wildflower seeds to attract pollinating bees plus an informative guide.
    There are many species of pollinating bees including honey bees, bumble bees and the large family of solitary bees that include mining bees, orchard bees and leafcutter bees. All these pollinators are valuable to the gardener and increasing their numbers will boost pollination of crops, fruit and vegetables.
    Most species of bee are non-aggressive and their presence in the garden is essential for the pollination of all plants - in fact, without pollinators, the whole food chain will break down and this would eventually affect us. So encouraging these insects is a great way of helping bees and us.

    The pollinating bee attractor pack is a specially selected mix to attract pollinating bees and subject to the final packaging is made from the following: birds foot trefoil, cornflower, foxglove, common knapweed, great knapweed, marjoram, meadow cranesbill, musk mallow, oxeye daisy, field poppy, purple loosestrife, ragged robin, viper's bugloss, yarrow. (Contents may vary).

    Seed pack with specially selected wildflower seeds to attract bees |Includes species identification guide |Wide species mix gives prolonged flowering |Excellent for wildlife gardens |Hardy annuals, biennials and perennials

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    When to sow: Sow March to May or September to October and sow outdoors directly onto soil where they are to flower once the soil has warmed. For best results choose a poor, infertile soil in full sun and do not add fertiliser. Sowing guidelines: Prepare the ground well and rake to a fine texture. Sprinkle seed thinly over the surface and rake lightly to ensure the seed is covered. Germination takes 14 - 21 days. As seedlings germinate, keep well watered and weed free. Flowers spring to autumn. In the autumn after the seed has been shed, clean up the growing area and water well. Perennials and biennial plants will continue to grow and flower the following year. Autumn sown seed will flower the following summer.

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