Butterfly and bee nectar feeding station

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    £ 6.99
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    Product information

    A dual functioning sponge and cup feeder which offers liquid foods for butterflies, moths and other insects.

    The butterfly and bee nectar feeding station is a colorful and attractive nectar feeding station for butterflies and bees in the garden. The central feeding sponge can be charged with butterfly food mix or it can be soaked in a sugar/water solution to encourage colorful butterflies to the feed station and to help increase survival rates. The feeding station also features a landing platform with additional feeding cups to offer an additional feeding area.

    Site near scented/attractive plants in sheltered position on a fence, wall, post or pergola, preferably to catch the morning sun.
    Charge the sponge with specially formulated and vitamin enriched butterfly food mix by soaking the sponge in the solution. Sugared water is an alternative but is not recommended due to the risk of the sugar crystallising in the stomach of the insects.

    Monitoring and inspection
    Recharge the sponge daily to ensure a regular feed supply.

    The feeder frame is manufactured from natural timber a water-based coating applied - it does not require any additional coatings. The feeder sponge may require replacing if not re-charged regularly.

    What species might use my habitat?
    This product may be used by bees, wasps, hoverflies, ants, butterflies and other nectar feeding insects.

    Removable feeding sponge |Removable feeding cups |Easy to clean and maintain |Constructed from FSC timber



    These products are for wild creatures and as such, you should not expect immediate habitation. We suggest you carefully read the supplied instructions for siting and provide this product in a suitable habitat for the target species. The product can then be re-visited 6 - 12 months later, or in the appropriate season, to see if it is being used.

    If after 24 months the product has not been used, it may be worth choosing an alternative location to site it and/or look to see what improvements you can make to provide a suitable environment for your target species (flowers, woodpiles, rough areas of garden etc).

    Because many species of creature are constantly seeking refuge and safe nesting sites, you may find that an unexpected species is using your product - this is part of nature and all species should be welcomed as part of your wildlife garden.

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    Returns should be arranged with Customer Services within 90 days of your receipt of the item(s), for a full refund.


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    Rather flimsy Butterfly Nectar Station.
    As described, but was a little disappointed on delivery. Rather flimsy, not much to it, not convinced it will last long outside. Very brief instructions on how to use it. Feel rather expensive for quality, and would have been more acceptable if cheaper. Let's hope the Butterflies like it! (Worth it then!).Not much to it really.
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