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    Product information

    In gardens across the UK (and the planet!) there are some rather special bees hard at work pollinating fruit trees, vegetable plants, herbs and all sorts of flowers. Harmless and safe around children and pets, they work alone and are vital to ensure we can grow plants for food, other uses and biodiversity. Non-aggressive and non-swarming, some Solitary bees love to nest in tube-like structures every year. This is the where the bee barrel comes in!

    The barrel design helps protect the tubes from the elements, whilst making a great garden feature. The tubes are specially designed for some of the smaller solitary bees we have here in the UK.

    Bee barrel bee home features

    • Attracts ‘friendly’ bees and is safe around children and pets
    • Is ideal for ‘Leafcutter’ and ‘Red mason’ solitary bees – perfect pollinators for fruit trees
    • Contains specially selected removable tubes designed to welcome a range of solitary bees - easy to replace/inspect
    • Is made from FSC® certified timber & supplied in recyclable cardboard box
    • Measures 17 x 16 x 18 cm

    Please also take a look at our siting, usage and cleaning advice section below.


    Where to place

    • Hang in a sunny position – ideally full sun, south or south-east facing, as bees rely on the sun's heat.
    • Try hanging between 1m and 1.5m above the ground, sheltered from strong winds.
    • Ensure nothing blocks the tube entrances, even bee-friendly plants.
    • Site in an area featuring bee-friendly food sources, such as flowers, fruit trees and herbs.
    • Site near appropriate nesting material, such as mud for Red mason bees.

    Usage and maintenance

    The most successful bee homes are those that are well-managed. Bees need safe, clean homes!
    • We recommend replacing tubes at least once every 2 years.
    • If tubes become dirty or damaged, RSPB Shop sells replacement bee home tubes which are the optimal length for bees.
    • Inspect the tubes annually. New bees should emerge once the weather warms up in spring.
    • Bees do not do well in cold and wet conditions so you may want to move the barrel into a shed or garage during winter when successful tubes will contain cocoons.
    • A tip for identifying tubes with guests: Red mason bees will add mud to a tube, whereas Leafcutters will cap the tube with leaf pieces.
    • Red mason bees are quite common in England and Wales (particularly in urban and lowland environments) but less so in Scotland, particularly north Scotland. They have been observed in Ireland also.

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