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    Sunflower hearts are our most popular bird food and now they can also be enjoyed in our suet cakes. The non-melting cakes are great for feeding birds all year (even in summer) and are easy to crumble without getting messy fingers.

    The box includes 10 x 320 g Super suet cakes. Keeping packaging to a minimum, each 320 g block comes in a lightweight plastic sleeve.

    Most garden birds will eat many different foods. Here's a quick guide to the birds that particularly enjoy this food, though other species may also enjoy it too:

    Type of bird
    • Blackbird
    • Blue tit
    • Dunnock
    • Great tit
    • House sparrow
    • Long-tailed tit
    • Robin
    • Song thrush
    • Starling
    • Wren


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    Age: 55 - 64

    A cake a day
    Bought three packets in the February half price sale hoping they would last a while, as they were additional to a large supply of suet balls, but at the rate of one a day they were soon consumed by our feathered friends, they obviously voted with their beaks and gave the feathers up to them. So the birds vote them a firm favourite.
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    Age: 45 - 54

    plastic, plastic, plastic!
    "Keeping plastic to a minimum, each cake comes with its own plastic sleeve" is how you describe it on your website which is a contradiction in terms. The cakes are snugly packaged inside a robust cardboard box, they don't need any individual plastic wrapping. Come on RSPB, if you don't lead the charge against unnecessary plastic you're not fit to call yourselves environmentalists. You can do much, much better. I purchased a box of 10 of these suet cakes and 20 hanging coconut shells (also boxed) and am now the angry recipient of 30 individual plastic wrappers. Wrap one sheet of compostable material around them if you must, but 30 individual plastic wrappers? Come on! Very, very disappointed.
    RSPB response
    Thank you for your review. We are currently researching the best way to replace our plastic packaging, but this is not a change we can make overnight, and we are not willing to make a change because it looks better when it is not actually better.
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    So glad you persuaded me to try these on my feathered friends (special half price offer)!
    The suet cakes have proved to be oh! so popular- there's often a queue. I particularly enjoy the visits by the Long Tailed Tits with their delightful running commentary and amazing acrobatics. My absolute favourite visitors are the Greater Spotted Woodpeckers who my husband and I have named the Gordons (Flash and Peggy). There's no denying who's in charge when they're feasting!
    The chalet shaped feeder I purchased also is both attractive and functional, and seems to be very effective at denying the rats a good meal. Rats are a problem because my garden backs onto woodland.

    RSPB response: Thank you for your lovely review, it must be great fun watching them all.
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    Best of the suet cakes
    The woodpeckers just love these suet cakes and I have purchased all the others, but these are the most liked. I use the bigger suet cake holder in addition to the old single one and these normally last a week. The collared doves queue for their turn. Two out of the three bird boxes are now occupied. It is great to watch them pop in and out for food.
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    Highly recommended
    Amazing quality. Shreds like cheese for small window feeders. Cut... any sized Cube for your favorite garden visitors. So easy to handle. Does not melt in warm weather. Does not freeze in cold conditions.
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