Taking action on single-use plastic

As a conservation charity, we are determined to reduce our dependence on single-use plastics. Your feedback shows that you expect us to lead the way with packaging that is fully recyclable, home compostable and plastic-free.


This is a massive project for us. The answers are not clear cut, as some plastic alternatives can also harm the environment. The good news is that at the RSPB Shop we have been looking at the use of plastic packaging in our products, exploring and trialling alternatives since 2018 and action is already well underway.

Point 1

We are helping our customers by adding clear recycling information to all of our labels.

We are challenging suppliers to reduce, replace and remove single-use plastics from their packaging.

By prioritising our highest volume product areas, we are ensuring our actions have the biggest environmental impact possible.

plastic-reduction products and packaging at RSPB shop

Bird food first

We are focusing on our bird food first as this is our highest volume area and will have the most impact, converting all of our seed and nut products into packaging that is widely recyclable.

suet cakes wrapped in recyclable compostable paper packaged in card box


We have recently released a new suet cake in plastic-free packaging. Cakes are individually wrapped in greaseproof paper, then boxed in FSC® cardboard. All packaging is fully recyclable and home compostable as paper or cardboard.

We plan to extend plastic-free packaging to the rest of our suet range and trials are already in progress.



Working with our seed supplier, we’ve made the switch to a recyclable bag for all the RSPB seed and nut products for 900g to 4kg bags and will continue to explore plastic-free alternatives. Bags can be recycled widely.



Currently all of our 5.5kg and 12.75kg wild bird seed and nut sacks are made from paper and widely recyclable at the kerbside. Now we are working to ensure these sacks are even better for the environment by making them fully home compostable.

After stress testing a host of different paper compositions, compost trials are beginning, and we hope to have these new sacks available very soon!.


Plastic-free parcels from RSPB Shop

For all of your RSPB Shop deliveries, we only use boxes made from FSC® cardboard and packing material. Some products in the box are pre-packaged in plastic but we actively question each supplier about this and are continuing to explore alternatives.

We have been able to remove single-use plastic packaging from many products already, and we’re working our way through them all as fast as we can.

Card box with paper tape and brown paper protecive packaging inside

Greener options to reduce plastic

We can all do our bit for the environment and help tackle plastic use. Here are a few ideas to help you to avoid single-use plastic and the microplastic fibres that can get into our waterways.

Eco friendly home