Here are 4 steps to a hedgehog-friendly garden!

Hedgehog food

Hedgehogs have a varied diet and will eat slugs, snails, beetles and earthworms, birds' eggs, nestlings and carrion. If you have a wildlife-friendly garden, they’ll have a feast!

You can supplement their diet and make your garden more enticing to them by putting out specialist hedgehog food such as Brambles - try this in our stable snack bowl, unlikely to be tipped over by hungry hogs.

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Brambles meaty hedgehog food 6 x 400g
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Avoid using slug pellets in your garden as hedgehogs may mistake these for food and die from ingestion.

Hedgehog in a pile of leaves looking at the camera

Hedgehog homes & shelter

Hedgehogs like to roam, usually requiring a network of gardens to help support them. Fences, concrete and other unnatural hard surfaces, and ‘tidy’ gardens discourage hedgehogs. Aim to leave a corner of your garden wild and ensure there’s access if possible through to neighbouring gardens. For safe access through fences try our 'Hedgehog crossing'!

Hedgehogs will seek out:

  • Hiding places for the day - think long grass, hedgerows, open compost heaps, piles of leaves, plant cover, and log piles which are also home to things they like to eat
  • Hibernation spots for the Winter months
  • Nesting sites to raise young

Our RSPB Silhouette hedgehog home has proved popular as a nesting site, hibernation spot and day home/shelter for hedgehogs, and is built to last complete with an anti-predator tunnel entrance.

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Gardens can be hazardous to hedgehogs! If you’re clearing undergrowth, or mowing/strimming long grass, check for hiding hogs first. Avoid using poisonous chemicals (e.g. slug pellets), and if lighting bonfires ensure no hedgehogs are hiding in log piles.

Hedgehog in a pile of leaves looking at the camera

Drinking water

Drinking water is vital for everyone including our hedgehog friends! If you don’t have a pond, try putting a shallow tray/dish out on the ground at night with drinking water - near your food.


Hedgehogs can swim! But ponds and pools without a sloping side for easy escape can be drowning hazards for hedgehogs.

Watch & learn

The more you learn about hedgehogs the more likely it is you’ll find something that works and who knows, you may even get your neighbours involved too!

Add a wildlife camera into the mix and enjoy the thrill of watching what these night time critters get up to in your garden. We recommend trying our IP camera inside our Silhouette hedgehog home.

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You can learn more about gardening for wildlife over at rspb.org.uk.

Hedgehog wandering through a hedgehog tunnel in a fence