Moorcroft The Clan bowl

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Vicky’s design brings a whole new approach to flat surface design. Each panel on the outside of this platter sees many generations of a curious badger family, whilst the centre offers a vision into the subterranean sett the badgers call home. Badgers who live in the same sett are known as a 'clan'. While badgers tend to live in groups, they do not always act cooperatively with their fellow clan members. Badgers are unique in this way as individuals in a clan will forage for food on their own, unlike other social groups of animals who might hunt together and reap the benefit as a group. Nonetheless, the badger is a British wildlife icon and much adored by many. In this design, cubs are curled up in their chamber which is lined with bedding material that their mother has gathered and dragged in. Straw, hay, grass, fern are all commonly used, which keep the cubs warm. This is a delightful tribute to the familiar black and white ice-age survivor which we share so many wooded areas with.

Designer: Vicky Lovatt
Shape: 711/6
Size: 6” diameter

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About Moorcroft pottery

Moorcroft pottery are renowned for their craftsmanship and quality, as well as their beautiful depictions of British wildlife. Their pieces are numbered, limited editions and are highly collectable. We have worked in partnership with Moorcroft for over five years, and this season we have chosen a selection of our favourite pieces from their latest collections.


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