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    SAVE £4 with this fantastic offer to make your (a a friend's) garden more hedgehog-friendly. includes our popular hedgehog home, 900g Brambles crunchy hedgehog food and a specially designed hedgehog snack bowl.

    Hedgehog home

    Designed in partnership with a hedgehog rescue association, our pretty hedgehog home is a safe retreat for hedgehogs. This multi-purpose hedgehog box can be used year-round as a feeder, nesting site or as a safe place for hibernation.

    It features an internal chamber for hibernation and a secure, hinged lid for easy maintenance and placing food. The concealed, internal entrance offers additional safety, as cats and other larger predators will not be able to reach inside, so the hedgehog can eat in peace!

    The box may be used as a nest site from spring until June/July, and as shelter from poor weather and predators until their winter hibernation, they will typically hibernate between November and March dependant on the weather.

    Hand made in the Cotswolds from FSC cedar, with a durable plywood top with roofing felt weather protection. The sloping roof helps shed water.

    Hedgehog food

    Brambles Crunchy Hedgehog Food is a complementary food specially formulated to give the right balance of nutrients, vitamins & minerals for wild hedgehogs and, due to its crunchy texture, is also great for dental health. No artificial flavours, colours or added sugar. Naturally tasty and nutritious, this food can be fed on its own or mixed with Brambles Meaty Hedgehog Food. For full details, ingredients and feeding advice visit the 900g or 2kg product details page.

    Hedgehog feeding bowl

    An easy, hygienic way to offer food for hedgehogs. Finished in an attractive green and brown glazed finish, the bowl is made from hi-fired frost-resistant ceramic and features an integral drainage hole.

    Measures 40 x 50 x 20cm

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    Position the Hedgehog home somewhere quiet, out of the prevailing wind. Under shrubs is an ideal place as it will help to ensure the hedgehogs are undisturbed. Cover the shelter with leaves and brushwood to camouflage it and create a cosy den. Hedgehog houses may be used for winter hibernation, throughout the summer as a safe shelter, or, if you're very lucky, by a female making a nest to have her young.Hedgehogs need to be able to get from garden to garden to look for food. Solid fencing all-round will prevent them being able to travel between gardens. Consider making your garden more wildlife friendly. Encouraging hedgehogs: You can encourage hedgehogs by providing them with suitable habitats. They like thick dense undergrowth and a variety of lengths of grass. You may also be able to provide hedgehogs with supplementary food. This is particularly useful during periods of drought when natural insect foods may be harder to come by. Their varied diet allows them to eat many kinds of foods we have around the home. With the exception of milk and bread, which should be avoided, you can put out almost anything. A particular favourite is dog or cat food, but you can also try small amounts of cake, biscuits and pastry as well as fresh and dried fruits and cooked vegetables. Protecting hedgehogs: Avoid using chemicals. Slug pellets can be particularly detrimental. When putting preservative on garden sheds, fences and other wood furniture around the garden use non-toxic brands. Hedgehogs often lick new smells and surfaces. Hedghogs habitually hide themselves in piles of leaves, grass cuttings, pampas grass, compost heaps and bags of rubbish. Always check these before burning, cutting, strimming, mowing, putting a fork into or disposing of them. Many plastic items can trap, ensnare or cut a hedgehog. These include netting, plastic can holders, large necked bottles, plastic pots and barbed wire.Hedgehogs can also easily fall down holes, into water troughs, ponds, swimming pools and other types of water vessel. If you cannot prevent them from falling in, then make sure there is always a way for them to get out. Dogs can injure hedgehogs, so make sure you know what your dog is doing when in the garden late at night. If you accidentally disturb an active hedgehog nest, carefully replace the material. The hedgehog will soon repair or move the nest elsewhere. If there are young in the nest, avoid touching them. Similarly, if it is a hibernating adult, avoid waking it. Should it wake, you may want to leave it some food nearby until it hibernates again.

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