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    An incredibly simple yet important approach to fighting the environmental damage we cause by washing many of our clothes.

    THE PROBLEM - With each machine wash load, countless plastic fibres from synthetic textiles end up in rivers and oceans. These microfibres of plastic degrade further into smaller pieces - once loose in the environment like this, there is no current way of catching them. They concentrate bacteria and pollutants and get ingested by animals all over the planet, working their way up the food chain and causing irreversible damage.

    THE GUPPY SOLUTION - If you have synthetic textiles do not throw them away, instead treat them carefully and use them for as long as possible to reduce their environmental impact. Many of our clothes and home textiles contain synthetic materials such as polyester, acrylic and viscose for example. Simply putting them inside the Guppyfriend bag for the wash will lengthen their life AND also catch microplastics they leak during the wash, thereby reducing environmental damage in two ways. The bag reduces damage /breaking of their fibres by on average 79% to 86%*, and catches over 90%* of fibrous residues and lints that do get released by the fabrics.

    *From tests on partly and fully synthetic textiles carried out by the Fraunhofer Institute UMSICHT. 

    • Easy to use.
    • Standard medium size: 50×74 cm (only one size available, specifically designed to protect your clothes more)
    • Lengthens the life of your clothes.
    • Use with liquid detergent and do not use in a tumbledryer.
    • Filter material is made from 100% recyclable polyester.
    • Made in Europe.
    • For more details on how you can wash with it please refer to the ADVICE section on this page.


    What do I have to consider when using the Guppyfriend Washing Bag?

    • do not put the bag into the tumble dryer
    • do not rinse under running water
    • wash only clothes of similar colors together in the bag
    • anything sharp may harm the material of the bag
    • do not iron (the crumpled surface is not a problem)
    • use only liquid detergents
    • do not dry in the sun
    • remove coarse dirt and animal hair before washing
    • wash together with other Guppyfriends or with nonsynthetic textiles to avoid an imbalance
    • do not overfill – the clothes need space to move inside the bag

    Do I have to remove the microfibers after each wash?

    No. Depending on what you wash it may take a couple of washes until you may find fibres in the upper corners of your bag. Older pieces are more likely to lose more fibres. The hotter your water, the more likely you’ll lose fibres. And if you only wash soft fabrics, fewer microfibres will break, etc. Whenever you see fibres, take them out, but you can certainly use the washing bag several times before removing them. Make sure that there are no dark microfibres left in the bag when you wash clothes with lighter colors.

    If you're not seeing microfibres or seeing hardly any, bear in mind they are extremely tiny and barely visible to the naked eye. And that is part of what the bag does: Due to its soft surface and the structure of the filament, fewer fibres actually break.

    What happens to the pieces of non man-made fibres that are caught? / How do I dispose of the caught fibres properly?

    (Question submitted by groovygranma - thank you!) Collect any fibres that you can and dispose of in your normal household waste bin (not in recycling). How your general waste is then processed depends on where you live.

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