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    Popular in Europe and growing in popularity in the UK, this fast drying dishcloth is a great replacement for plastic-filled products like smelly sponges and microfibre cloths which end up in landfill. Being super absorbent it also replaces paper towels and can provide a vegan alternative for chamois-leather for getting that shine on your car and glass surfaces. It's fast drying (so odour resistant), plastic-free, durable, and made in the UK. We hope this blue bird print design will put a smile on your face too.

    What is a Swedish dishcloth?

    Popular in Europe, a Swedish dishcloth is a versatile highly absorbent cloth made from plant-based cellulose blended with some cotton. It’s a great replacement for a general purpose kitchen cloth, a washing up sponge, paper kitchen towel, and streak-free wipes (such as chamois leather) but with more pros and less cons – further details below!

    Why we love this cloth

    • Highly absorbent
    • Fast drying
    • All natural materials - plastic free
    • Biodegradable in home compost
    • Lasts ages and easy to wash
    • Slightly textured
    • Size 20cm x 18cm
    • Made in the UK

    Does this dishcloth get dirty and smelly like regular dishcloths and kitchen sponges?

    This natural material blend dries a lot faster than sponges and J cloths, reducing the bacteria build up that causes those smells and bad hygiene. Naturally odour-resistant but easy to wash if it does start to smell.

    How do I wash this cloth?

    • Washable up to 60 degrees, so you can pop it in the dishwasher or washing machine. You can even zap it in the microwave for about 30 seconds as long as it’s wet when you put it in.

    I already have a microfibre cloth. Why is a Swedish dishcloth better?

    Microfibre cloths are essentially made from plastic, so not only is their production bad for the environment, but they also contribute to plastic pollution and end up in landfill and are not biodegradable. Swedish dishcloths on the other hand will give the same great results as microfibre cloths, but are plastic-free, all natural and when they start to break down you can put them in the compost. 

    Is this cloth good for washing up?

    Yes! Much better than a cheap plasticky sponge! However it doesn’t have a scarifying surface so a coir/coconut fibre pad or brush, or a natural fibre brush would still be useful for those tougher jobs. This natural dishcloth is also great for spills and worktops, as it’s highly absorbent, fast drying and machine washable.

    How long does this cloth last and then do I throw it away?

    Months! This plastic-free dishcloth will last longer than you expect. Depending on your usage of it you could be using the same cloth daily for anything between 2 and 12 months. You can wash it up to around 50 times before it will start to breakdown. Then you can put it in your compost or some people have even used them as an anti-weed mat in the garden! 

    Is this dishcloth environmentally friendly?

    Some of our favourite eco-credentials for this cloth are:

    • Made from natural, renewable materials (plant cellulose and some cotton), not plastic
    • One cloth can do the work of an epic amount of kitchen roll / paper towels so if you use this instead of paper towels, you’ll consume a lot less paper and resources (and save money)
    • Biodegradable and home compostable
    • Durable – they last longer than cheap cloths (that often contain plastic)
    • Easily washed at home
    • Made in the UK


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    Nice design and very effective!
    This dish cloth is just the right size and thickness for washing up. And unlike plastic sponges, it is biodegradable. The bird design is cheery and makes the prospect of washing up a little less onerous.
    Value for money
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    Age: 65+

    Man proof dishcloth!
    The male of the species in this house are incapable of wringing out a dishcloth. It is a sad fact of life. I have spent most of my adult life grappling (obsessing?!) with, and nagging about this revolting star of affairs. The result is the almost permanent state of having a yucky, discoloured, foul smelling little heap of something unpleasant lurking somewhere in the kitchen - which could be in the sink or almost anywhere. Why? I have no idea.
    Well, these cloths are so easy to wring out (one handed for even the weakest of them), easy to bleach or 60C wash, don’t smell at all, are hygienic, very sturdy and really pretty to look at. What more could a woman with standards want in life!
    Seriously, a seriously good but not ordinary dish cloth. At a good price. And the design reminds me that we should look out for all birds and support the RSPB when we can.
    Value for money
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