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Prevent birds flying into windows and doors by placing these decorative window stickers on the outside of the glass.

These pretty stickers cling tight to any clean glossy surface, without adhesive, and peel off without trace. Sheet of 11 stickers.

Largest (blue/green): 115mm x 67mm
Smallest (yellow/red): 53mm x 29mm

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These stickers work best if placed on the outside of the window. Make sure the glass is clean and dry before applying the stickers.

They are particularly useful on windows where there is a clear view through the building, for instance from front to back. Birds can mistake this clear view for a clear path and try to fly through.
Something as simple as one of these stickers can help prevent birds flying into windows and getting hurt or even killed.

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At last! Stickers that actually work :-)
I truly love songbirds, garden birds and our summer visitors and get a lot of pleasure feeding them throughout the year. After several years of at least one swallow losing its life after flying into one particular window followed by a beautiful young blackbird coming to grief as well in the autumn of 2015, I despaired of ever finding the right sticker to prevent such heartache.

As I said, there is one particular window that fools young birds come September: in the early morning light it reflects the garden perfectly, just looks like the garden goes on and on. Every year my heart was in my mouth fretting about what I'd find on the patio.

Seeing these butterfly stickers early last year, 2016, and reading a very positive review on them, I bought loads of sheets and had a great time 'artistically' arranging them on all of my house windows. They look attractive, not naff! Happy to report we had zero casualties for the first time EVER! I've seen our regular small garden birds fly towards the windows and divert in good time. Mind you, I've large windows and not been stingey with the stickers!

Have just bought another 5 sheets for family :-)

RSPB response: Thank you for your review, it's really pleasing to hear that the stickers have successfully prevented casualties as they should. Thank you for your support and for looking after the birds.
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Works well
We have two big windows at opposite ends of our lounge, and for years we have lost birds who've tried to fly through. We've tried having dirty windows, stick on hawks etc, drawing curtains, but all have failed, and sadly its always female blackbirds and thrushes.
Last year we used two packs of these butterflies and didn't have a single accidental death!
I don't know why they should be better than those methods we've tried before, but so far, so good!
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Fingers crossed
For some time now I've had problems with birds colliding with our kitchen windows and knocking themselves out or worse! It's been so bad that I keep a rescue box in the greenhouse so that I can protect casualties until they can fly again. I've tried all sorts of window stickers with little success. However since putting these stickers on the windows the week before last i have not had a single casualty, which is amazing. I've seen birds take off from the yard and fly towards the window, only to veer away when they've seen the butterflies. Also, the stickers are very attractive, so they gladden my heart too!
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