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Our suet fat balls are high energy, nutritional supplements for wild birds. All of our fat balls are made with a mix of suet, seeds and cereals, and don't miss our super suet, - with or without mealworms - which contains 40% more fat, providing extra nutrition for your garden birds all year round. We also have a great range of fat ball feeders, perfect for if you're just starting out, or you have room for more feeders in your outdoor space

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Suet fat balls FAQs

What birds eat suet?

Suet is a popular food for many different types of birds, both large and small. Nuthatches, wrens, thrushes, creepers, jays, and nearly all woodpeckers are amongst the types of birds drawn to suet balls, but there are plenty more.

How long do fat balls last?

Fat balls can last up to two years in their original packaging, but once opened they only last a few weeks. Birds adore fat balls, so you can expect them to devour them long before the deadline.

What are fat balls made of?

Suet, which is made from a solidified mix of pure fat such as lard, is blended with dry food and bird feeds like seeds, almonds, and mealworms to make fat balls.

Are fat balls good for birds?

The procedure in which the fat and suet balls are made is important to answering this question. Cooks should avoid using extra cooking oil as a binding agent, because the greasy mixture can harm the birds' feathers. Pure fats are recommended; Lard/suet, nuts, cereals, and sunflower seeds are common ingredients in fat balls. As a result, they are tightly packed with the energy and fats that birds require. They are ideal for the winter season. During the summer fat balls should be kept out of direct sunlight.