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    Squirrels are notorious for getting at bird feed — so make sure your feed goes to the birds by using a squirrel-proof bird feeder. While no bird feeder is completely squirrel-proof, you can trust in quality when you buy with RSPB:

    • Strong and durable design
    • Easy-clean mechanisms
    • Humane deterrents
    • No-quibble free returns policy

    Feeder poles, squirrel buster feeders, and guardians, we have a fantastic range of squirrel deterrent feeders that provide ways to feed birds while baffling those pesky squirrels. 

    Embrace nature on your doorstep (and keep pests away) with a squirrel-deterrent. When you buy a bird feeder with RSPB you help support our vital conservation work taking place across the country. All profits we make from your purchase are invested back into projects such as the Bettisfield farmland bird project.
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    'Squirrel proof' feeder FAQs

    What is the best squirrel proof bird feeder?

    Finding the best bird feeder depends on your garden and the birds you’re looking to attract. Some popular squirrel-proofing methods include guardians, squirrel busters, or sanctuaries, so choose one that best fits your surroundings. 

    What will keep squirrels away from bird feeders? 

    When you put out bird seed, unwanted pests are sure to follow. For help keeping squirrels away from your bird feeder, read our guide to creating a bird-friendly garden — this will show you all the tips and tricks. 

    How do I stop squirrels from climbing by bird feeder pole? 

    Squirrels love to climb, which makes your bird feeder pole a popular target. You can humanely deter squirrels from climbing your bird feeder pole using a downwards opening cone. Alternatively, you could use grease such as Vaseline to make the surface slippery.