CATwatch cat deterrent with mains adaptor

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    £ 69.24
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    Stop worrying about batteries, ensure full power and save £3 when you buy the RSPB-tested CATwatch cat deterrent with the mains adaptor (also available separately).

    Many people find cat-fouling a nuisance. This device is proven to reduce the presence of cats in gardens and the deterrent effect increases over time. CATWatch, the UK's leading cat deterrent manufactured in the UK, successfully completed a two-year scientific trial conducted by the RSPB to determine its deterrent effect on cats in residential gardens. The results are published in the Applied Animal Behaviour Science Journal after peer review.

    The research concluded that CATWatch reduces cat intrusions into gardens. The longer the unit is in place, the more effective it is.

    • Weather resistant
    • Cost-effective
    • Approved by the RSPB
    • Two-year warranty
    • Progressively reduces cat intrusions within your garden
    • Set and forget - no need to test your battery
    • Using a mains adaptor increases the ultrasonic volume of the catwatch device by 30%
    • 10m of cable to reach your house/shed/garage socket

    Supplied with a comprehensive instruction booklet with diagrams | Passive infra-red sensor detects body movement & heat | Electronic micro-circuitry and computer controlled microchip activates signal as cat enters protected area & switches off as the animal leaves | High quality speaker emits series of modulating ultrasound frequencies 20-24 kHz repellent to cats | On/off switch plus red led light | Positioning stake | Secure all weather high impact casing | Made in the UK | 2 year manufacturer's warranty | Supplied in this kit with a 12-volt adaptor (also available separately) or one 9-volt alkaline battery (not supplied)


    How to deter cats with CATWatch

    Push the Catwatch ultrasonic cat deterrent into the ground, and when the sensor detects movement it emits a high-pitched sound disliked by most cats (but inaudible to humans). The frequency emitted is unique to cats hearing range, so the Catwatch won't bother other garden wildlife, such as hedgehogs.

    Some cats will see the device as a challenge initially, and it may take up to four weeks to put them off coming into your garden.

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    Age: 65+

    Just plug in and go
    Having tried another repelling device which uses ultrasound and has two controls I was a bit sceptical but so far after two weeks there are no presents on my raised beds. I used my bat detector to hear the ultrasound it emits, sounds terrible, in the range 20 -30 khz so young people may be able to hear it, at my age my range is down to about 10 khz!
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    Age: 25 - 34

    Goodbye cats
    Have been using Catwatch for many years but kept forgetting to replace the battery. Saw this offer and am now powering my new unit off the mains which is working well and have moved my old unit to the front garden where cat activity is less. Very pleased.
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