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    A specially formulated mix of sugars, vitamins and proteins which can be used on its own or ideally with a sponge/feeder to supply a valuable source of food fo butterflies, moths and other nectar feeding insects.

    This easy to use food mix provides a valuable source of nectar for butterflies, moths and other insects at times when there are few flowers available like early spring or late summer, or when habitats have been over-managed and nectar is in short supply.

    The mix is easy to prepare and can be used with butterfly feeders or presented in a shallow dish. This special solution has been formulated to ensure the sugars do not crystallize in the stomach of the insect, which can be a risk with simple sugar solutions.
    Unused solution can be stored for up to 7 days in a refrigerator.

    Just mix with water |Enriched with vitamins |Ideal for use with butterfly & moth feeders |Mixture can be kept in fridge for 7 days |Resealable bag

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    When to use: Use from spring onwards. How to mix: Mix one rounded teaspoon with 100ml of water until fully dissolved. Pour mixture onto feed sponge or butterfly feeder (colour is an important factor in attracting butterflies to the feed). Feed sponge or feeder should ideally be washed daily or at a minimum every 3-4 days. What species might use this product? Suitable for wild butterflies, moths or bred butterflies. Other insects such as bees, hoveflies and wasps will also drink the feed. Additional information: It is recommended that you plant a variety of flowering plants in the garden to increase the availability of nectar for insects like butterflies and bees as well as food plants for caterpillars. Species include buddleia, nettles, asters, sunflower, violets, snapdragons, hebes, scabious, verbena, lavender, echinops, echium, echinichea, alysum, balsam, broom, cornflower, crocus, phlox.

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