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      Bats are extremely important to nature in the UK, and worldwide. These special flying mammals work hard catching insects and pollinating plants. Their numbers are declining though - help us help them by putting up bat boxes and providing a rich environment for them to thrive in. RSPB shop stocks specially-designed and tested bat boxes (bat homes / nestboxes), special seed packs and other accessories to help.

      Facts about bats!

      18 bat species in the UK

      There are actually 18 different species of bat in the UK! All but one breed here in the UK too.

      Over 500 species of plants rely on bats to pollinate them so that they can reproduce. Remember this next time you tuck into a banana or a mango!


      The most common bat you're likely to see here in the UK is the Common pipistrelle. They weigh just 5 grams - about the same as a 20 pence piece - and can eat 3,000 gnats in ONE night!

      You can learn more about bats on the RSPB main website, and at the Bat Conservation Trust.


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