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Pressies that protect

We are working hard to give nature a home, but we can't do it alone! RSPB pressies that protect are a way of buying someone special a meaningful present - with a difference. Whatever you choose, you will be directly helping to protect and conserve our most precious wildlife. You have two options to choose from:

Option 1: Your recipient will receive a personalised greeting card with information on the worthwhile cause the donation has gone towards.

Option 2:  Your recipient will receive a personalised greeting card with information on the worthwhile cause the donation has gone towards, PLUS a £5 RSPB gift card to spend online or in any RSPB shop.

How it works
  • Choose a gift from our great selection that you think will be most appreciated.
  • Personalise your greeting card by entering your own message in the To, Message and From boxes. Make sure you include the words To and From in the boxes - we don't print them automatically - you need to add them if you want them. (If you'd prefer a blank card to write out yourself, simply leave the boxes blank.)
  • Please note - personalisation is not currently available via our mobile store. Please shop via a desktop computer or tablet browser if you want to personalise your gifts.

    Add a message
  • Preview how your message will look, then add it to your shopping basket. We'll print your message on the card. (You can amend the message in the shopping basket if you need to.)
  • Send the card directly to the recipient, by choosing their address* when you checkout, or have it sent to you so you can pass it on. *Remember, if you want to send gifts to more than one address, you'll need to place a separate order for each address.
  • Your donation goes directly to your chosen RSPB project.
Free delivery
  • Delivery is free on pressies that protect (you only pay p&p on other items that you order at the same time).
  • Order before 1 pm and we'll do our very best to get the card printed and dispatched the same day, though you should allow 3 working days for delivery (more for addresses outside mainland UK).
  • Pressies that protect are direct delivery from our supplier. They are printed and despatched and will arrive in a separate delivery from any other items you order at the same time.
  • If you want to send Pressies that protect to different addresses you'll need to place a separate order for each delivery address.
Where does the money go?
  • The money raised from each Pressies that protect gift will go directly to help fund your chosen project.
  • We are unable to give details of precise locations where our conservation work is carried out. 
Messages from our conservation teams
  • Albatrosses
    Photo by Christine Madden

    'Working with one of the most threatened species on earth is a real privilege, but at the same time an extremely daunting task! Out at-sea on commercial fishing vessels we see these majestic birds confront one of their biggest threats, and making a real contribution to mitigate that threat is a dream-come-true. One of my best experiences is showing people an albatross for the first time and to observe the absolute wonder and amazement in their expression. Being an ATF Instructor is not a job, it is a passion!'
    Bronwyn Maree, Albatross Task Force

  • Bumblebees
    Photo by Isobel Donovan
    'In the summer months, it is truly amazing to sit amongst the buzz of our wildflower meadows, watching bees flit from flower to flower, with the landscape lit up in pinks, purples, and yellows as far as the eye can see. With 97% of our wildflower meadows gone since the start of World War Two, this is still a relatively rare experience for most people. Bumblebees play a vital role in the production of our food crops, so encouraging wildflower habitat creation like this makes a huge difference to not only to rare wildlife such as the short-haired bumblebee, but the UK’s food security too.'
    Natalie Holt, Warden, RSPB Dungeness

  • Hen Harriers
    Hen Harriers
    Photo by Blanaid Denman

    'Hen harriers are amazing birds and the opportunity to play our own small part in saving them is a huge honour and responsibility – it’s what gets us out of bed in the morning. There are no easy wins and it can sometimes feel like an impossible task, but knowing we are part of a dedicated team working from every angle, whether it’s out on the hill, in schools, or in parliament, towards the same goal, makes all the difference. So whether it’s fixing a satellite tag to a newly fledged chick or seeing a child’s face light up as they learn about skydancing, we are determined to make a difference for hen harriers one step at a time. Few people today have the opportunity to see hen harriers, but its our mission to ensure that the next generation still have the privilege of witnessing these incredible birds.'
    Blánaid Denman, Skydancer Project Officer, and Jeff Knott, Senior Species Policy Officer

  • Leighton Moss
    Leighton Moss
    Photo by Naomi Boult

    'Wardening Leighton Moss really is the best job in the world! I’d been visiting the reserve for years, and started a voluntary internship here during the culmination of my degree at Lancaster. Luckily, a vacancy opened up at the right time, and i was allowed to come back as part of the full time staff. The variety of the job is what makes it so great; one day i could be thigh deep in mud planting reed, the next I could be leading a guided walk of students (hopefully inspiring the next generation of conservationists!) Spring has to be my favourite time of year when the birds start singing, flowers begin to unfurl and butterflies emerge into the areas we’ve created for them. After a hard winter’s work managing the habitat, readying it for the breeding season, there is no greater feeling than seeing the first brimstone along a woodland ride, watching the arrival of the first avocet or discovering your first bearded tit nest. Like I said – I really do have the best job in the world!'
    Alasdair Grubb, Assistant Warden, RSPB Leighton Moss