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Bumblebees pressie that protects

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Bumblebees pressie that protects

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This pressie that protects goes directly to creating new wildflower meadows for bumblebees

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  • Your donation goes directly towards creating new wildflower meadows on our reserves.
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Two species of bumblebee are already extinct in the UK!

Your donation will help provide a home for bumblebees on our Dungeness Nature Reserve.

There's something so comforting about the hum of bees at work in a summer meadow. But recently it has grown quieter. Our bumblebees are in trouble.

Since the war, the need to meet an increased demand for food, along with improvements in agricultural technology, has lead to much of the bumblebee’s important habitat being lost. Fields, which were once coloured by a range of wildflowers, are now plain green, used for the growing of crops or grazing of livestock. In fact, it is estimated that 97% of the UK’s flower-rich grasslands have been lost since the 1930s.

Some parts of the country have held on to their bumblebees, one such area being Dungeness. In this unique and beautiful part of Kent, the plentiful wildflowers mean that many rare and threatened bumblebees can still find a home. To make things even better for these precious populations, the RSPB’s Dungeness nature reserve has tailored its reserve management to help bumblebees. Wild flowers are encouraged to prosper in the reserve’s grasslands, through sensitive grazing and other management practices. To increase the numbers of flowers, cut hay which is rich in seed, known as green hay, is spread around the grasslands.

These ongoing efforts have produced fantastic results, with the grasslands a haze of rich yellow, purple and mauve colour in spring and summer. Many of the rare bumblebees that occur on the reserve have increased in number and the high quality of the habitat we are providing has led to the reserve being chosen as the point of reintroduction for the previously extinct short-haired bumblebee, last seen in the UK at Dungeness in the 1980s.

This pressie that protects makes all this work possible. On behalf of the wildlife at Dungeness, thank you.

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Bumblebees pressie that protects


Your message will look like this:
Dear Dad

Hope you have a lovely birthday

From Emma


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Bumblebees pressie that protects with £5 gift card


Your message will look like this:
Dear Dad

Hope you have a lovely birthday

From Emma

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