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Feeder mix bird seed 12.75kg Feeder mix bird seed 12.75kg Feeder mix bird seed 12.75kg Feeder mix bird seed 12.75kg

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Not a mix

I have bought bird seed from our local pet shop for a number of years but then felt a lot of it was being wasted. I then changed to a big retailer and was happy for a while but then again felt the birds were rejecting a lot of the mix. I bought the RSPB feeder mix in a brown sack from our local Garden Centre expecting a mix!! I was surprised when I opened the bag to find 99% black sunflower seeds but filled up the feeders. The sparrows rejected the sunflower seeds and I took this bag back to the Garden Centre who refunded my £25. I was extremely disappointed with this 'Mix'. It is not a feeder mix at all just a bag of sunflower seeds sold at an extortionate price. If the birds had liked the mix I would not have minded but I expected a quality product and this is not it. The 'extra feeder mix' looks like it would be more suitable but to call this product a Mix is a misrepresentation.

RSPB response: Thank you for your review, the feeder mix should be made up from black and striped sunflower seeds, husk-free oats and canary seed. It sounds like you received a faulty bag and we will talk to the supplier about this. Apologies for any inconvenience caused. By Birdfeeder, on 7 Aug 2016
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Not for the birds around it seems so

As some reviewers here I have a problem with this food: the birds are not interested at all in the black seeds that are the main part of this mix. So after having tried and picked up some of the smallest seeds in my appel feeders, they give up as the black seeds left create a shield on the top of the food. I think that since I have bought the 12,5 kg bag (03/03/16) , I have only used 2 kg at max 3kg. So, as the birds, I give up. It's a big waste though I think I am going to spread the mix in the Nature during my walks .Who knows perhaps some birds might appreciate it...?

RSPB response: Thank you for your review, it does seem strange that your birds do not like this mix, it is a good mix for many birds but particularly Blue tits, Great tits, House sparrows, Chaffinches and Greenfinches and those birds should eat the mix. We will take on board your comments and will

By Nathalie, on 20 Jul 2016
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Not liked by any of our birds

Thought we would try this for a change but the birds in our garden really didn't like it. They eat the small amounts of oats but day after day we found huge piles of black seed on the ground under the feeder. We still have about 6kg sitting around and have had to revert back to the premium ground mix and table mix. By Lindsey, on 3 Oct 2013
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Feeder mix bird food 12.75kg

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Product information

RSPB Feeder mix is a great value wild bird seed blend that we've designed for putting into tubular seed feeders all year round. It's a nutritious mix of oil-rich black and striped sunflower seeds, husk-free oats and canary seed, that'll attract many garden birds such as blue tits, great tits and greenfinches.

We recommend using our Classic seed feeder or Easy-clean® seed feeders with this bird food. 

Most garden birds will eat many different foods. Here's a quick guide to the birds that particularly enjoy this food, though other species may also enjoy it too:

- Blue tit - Chaffinch - Great tit - Greenfinch
- House sparrow - Siskin

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Regular Price: £22.50

Special Price: £18.00

In stock

Feeder mix bird food 12.75kg


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