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Flat-topped ground feeding sanctuary wide mesh Flat-topped ground feeding sanctuary wide mesh Flat-topped ground feeding sanctuary wide mesh

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good buy

I bought this protector to prevent feral pigeons, wood pigeons and magpies gobbling up all the food I put out. I also hoped that it would permit blackbirds and smaller birds to enter.
It is certainly effective in keeping out pigeons, doves and magpies. I was very interested in watching the magpies trying out all the methods of entry which they could think of - but failing to get in !
Unfortunately my local blackbirds have failed to enter, despite a number of efforts.
Overall a good buy. By johnno, on 23 Dec 2017
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needs to be larger

I agree with the review of earlier this year as it only leaves a couple of inches all round from the table and the family of 6 magpies in our garden just lean through the bars and eat all the meal worms except those in the very centre of the table. They are also keeping the smaller birds away. It would need to be about six inches away from the table edges to keep the magpies and pigeons away, which is what we'd hoped for.

RSPB response: Thank you for your review, I am sorry to hear you are unhappy with this product. We will take your comments on board regarding magpies still being able to get in, however we did work with our wildlife team when designing this product to ensure the specifications were suitable to still allow small birds in. It does take some time for birds to adjust to new products, so hopefully the smaller birds will be using it soon. By Magpie victim, on 30 Aug 2017
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Works a treat!

We put out food for all the birds, but only small amounts at a time - to avoid unwanted rodent action. Unfortunately we have a resident wood-pigeon who just hangs around and hoovers up anything we're not keeping an eye on. It means the smaller birds never get a look-in, after the first visit. Having been reduced to running around the garden chasing it off - we bought this to see if it would help. It's BRILLIANT. We dropped it over the patch of ground where we sprinkle the food and the robins came straight over - not put off in the slightest. The blackbirds and tits are also now hopping in and out - all within about 24hrs of it appearing. The pigeon has walked around it - but realised it's a lost cause and now contents himself with getting his own portion, which we put on lawn (..can't persecute it just for being pigeon-y). By SonjaS, on 22 Apr 2017
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Ground protector wide mesh

SKU# R0094


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Product information

Folding cage guardian to protect ground-feeding birds from predators, creating a safe haven for them to feed. The wide mesh will exclude larger birds, such as pigeons and doves.

Made from powder-coated steel, the ground protector comes with pegs to secure it to the ground and there's room inside for an RSPB ground feeding table (not included). The top opens easily for cleaning and refilling.

This ground protector guardian has wide mesh openings (6 x 6.5 cm gaps) which will restrict large birds such as pigeons and doves, while still allowing blackbirds, thrushes and starlings inside. This mesh size will not stop squirrels.

If you wish to prevent all but small garden birds from accessing your bird food, our adjustable ground sanctuary is a great choice, as you can set the mesh size to suit.

If you have hedgehogs in your garden please consider removing the ground protector at night, or lifting it off the ground at one edge. It's very unlikely, but possible that they may try to get inside and get stuck.

Width 52 cm
Depth 52 cm
Height 43 cm
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In stock

Ground protector wide mesh


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