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Adjustable ground feeding sanctuary Adjustable ground feeding sanctuary

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Best Thing I’ve Bought For the Garden!

I was spending an absolute fortune filling up the bird table 3 times a day because the 3 rascal squirrels I have in my garden were helping themselves, despite the fact they have their own box of food at the top of the garden!

I thought the sanctuary along with the table were quite expensive but I was able to get 20% off after doing the Bird Watch this year.

I was very surprised at how large the ground feeding table was when it arrived and of very good quality and fits very nicely inside the sanctuary. The ground feeder has a removable tray which can be sanitised nicely daily, although a mesh tray would probably be better as it would allow rain water to drain away better.

Since setting up the sanctuary my 3 squirrels cannot gain access despite lots of attempts to try to sus out how to gain entry! AMAZING! I now only have to fill it once daily so it will pay for itself in no time!

It must be layed on a flat surface and use the ground pegs to secure it. When I first set it up it was in an area with a slight incline and so one of the clever squirrels got underneath but I put that right straight away!

The Tits and Robins have taken to it immediately! The male and female blackbirds are most disgruntled as they can’t but I lay food on the ground inside the sanctuary so they can also feed. My only worry is all of my beautiful finches who can’t seem to gain access, I’m hoping they will learn in time how to get in to it as there clearly is enough space between the mesh but I’ve only had it in the garden 2 days so hoping they learn. They hop around each side trying to work it out then fly away!

All in all, very pleased with this, the adjustable sides are brilliant, they allow the precious little birds who normally lose out, to feed all day long and in safety! Thrilled with this! Thank you RSPB! By Denise , on 11 Mar 2018
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The birds refuse to use it!

We bought this house so that we could feed the smaller garden birds, such as robins and blackbirds, without the pigeons stealing their food. Sadly, even though I left it out for 2 weeks, with plenty of RSPB bird food in it, not a single bird ventured in. I then put it underneath a bird feeder that some of the birds were already using, but still no birds used it. The holes look very small, even on the largest setting..
I have since surrounded the feed with a cylinder of stock fencing and it's working very well. The pigeons can't get in, but the small birds use it all the time!

RSPB response: Thank you for your review, I am sorry to hear you are unhappy with this product. We would advise leaving the sanctuary for longer than two weeks. Birds are very cautious creatures and can sometimes take a couple of months to feel comfortable trying new feeders or feeding guards. The dimensions have been tested and approved by our Wildlife team to be the right size to still allow smaller birds to gain access. By Busybee, on 17 Feb 2018
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Small birds get fair share of the grub at last!

I wasn't certain it was worth spending the amount required to buy this sanctuary. However, now it's in use in our garden I think it's worth every penny. We have the usual pigeons and crows. I don't mind them as such - I feed them as well - but they do eat a lot more than the smaller birds, and much faster. So if it's free for all how do the little ones get a look in?

We now have the sanctuary sitting on a small patio under our crab apple tree, protecting a pile of seed I've put out. I love watching the smaller birds hop in and out at will, whilst the pigeons and crows look on.

SUPERB! By Lesley, on 26 Sep 2017
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Adjustable ground feeding sanctuary

SKU# R401587


In stock

Product information
Protect smaller birds from predators in this safe haven.
This sanctuary allows you to adjust the mesh width on the sides to decide who's allowed in: just small birds or small and medium birds but not larger birds (such as pigeons) and most adult squirrels.
The pitched roof allows for a coconut shell treat or small feeder (neither included) to be hung above ground feeding table (such as R0737, not included).
Opens easily for cleaning and refilling. Light enough to simply lift off to refill or reposition. Made from powder-coated steel and supplied with pegs to secure to the ground.

Ideal for feeding smaller garden birds, such as:

- Blue tit - Chaffinch - Dunnock - Great tit
- Greenfinch - House sparrow - Long-tailed tit - Robin
- Wren
Place out in the open, away from shrubs where predators could ambush birds.

If you have hedgehogs in your garden please consider removing the ground protector at night, or lifting it off the ground at one edge. It's very unlikely, but possible that they may try to get inside and get stuck.

Width 49 cm
Depth 48 cm
Height 53 cm
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In stock

Adjustable ground feeding sanctuary


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