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Gallery bird table Gallery bird table

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A few tweaks here and there, but excellent overall

Like the previous reviewer, I agree that the pre-drilled holes on the roof supports are over-large for the screws supplied. We overcame this by using 1.5 inch x 8 screws - the supplied screws are 1.25inch x 6. Also, there were splits in the timber legs. Using Evo Stick wood glue, we repaired the splits, tying them firmly until completely bonded. We also took the precaution of applying and working in the same glue over any knots in the timber.

The notches made for the screws are not deep enough: using the same size screw they are intended to take, 'start' the hole by tapping it in with a small hammer and giving a few turns which will overcome the problem.

One further tip, grease all the screws before inserting them; this will make insertion easier and make withdrawal, if needed at a later date, a simpler task.

I suggest coating the legs and feet (and/or the table stable if used) with bitumastic and letting it dry THOROUGHLY before the bird table is put into use (or after) which will extend its life considerably.

In conclusion, I praise the RSPB Sales Department for a truly remarkable despatch. I had ordered the Gothic Table but was advised it was out of stock. When I telephoned, the delightful lady told me she would send the Gallery Table (my chosen replacement) as soon as possible but it would not arrive the following day. It did! How wonderful was that?

The day following the table's placement in the garden, it was covered in birds enjoying their prepared feast. Endorsment indeed.

This is a sensibly priced table of good quality, of convenient size, with the bonus of a removable tray. WELL DONE RSPB.

RSPB response: Thank you for the good review, we hope you are getting lots of visitors to your new bird table. By Lyon, on 2 Jan 2018

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your supplier isn't listening....

The problems described in the last review apply to the table I've just bought - so if you did pass the comments on to your supplier they haven't paid much attention. I'd hoped a year later that someone would have managed to drill holes at the right angle, or failing that supply longer screws. I think for £55 I really should get one or the other.

RSPB response: Thank you for your review, I am sorry that you are unhappy with this product. It is likely you have received old stock before the changes have been implemented. Please contact our customer service team for a replacement. By Susan, on 17 Dec 2017

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Good, with a few minor reservations

The bird table seems to be basically pretty decent, but with a few minor reservations, which by and large are the same as other comments here, namely:

- Inaccurate positioning of indents to locate screws - these needed to be re-drilled in the correct location.

- Slightly vague instructions, which are best used as a guide rather than as hard and fast rules. One part of the assembly is not covered at all, though fortunately it isn't a crucial bit.

- Some of the screws are arguably a bit on the small side, especially when some of the holes they are meant to go in are a bit big! Replacing the screws with slightly bigger ones seems to have done the trick.

- One or two slightly splintered bits of wood.

Having said all that, it seems well made and solid, and certainly much better than others that I have looked at.

RSPB response: Thank you for your review, sorry that you did not find the instructions good enough and the screws too small we will pass on these comments to the supplier. Each bird table is made in the UK by craftsmen and are built to last, we hope you enjoy your bird table for many years to come.
By Steve, on 4 Sep 2016
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Gallery bird table

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Product information

Topped with a gently-sloping but very solid roof, our Gallery bird table is perfect for feeding all your garden birds year round.
The recycled plastic tray on the top is removable for easy cleaning and the roof offers protection from predators and helps keep food dry.

  • - Made by hand in Lincolnshire
  • - Gallery bird table measures 160 cm tall
  • - Feeding table measures 34 x 34 cm
  • - Includes detailed instructions for easy assembly
You can find the assembly instructions for our Gallery bird table in the Images section.
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In stock

Gallery bird table


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