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Bird table squirrel baffle Bird table squirrel baffle

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Excellent quality

I received my baffle yesterday and easily installed it on my new RSPB table. Its to keep my annoying cat off, who climbed up to eat the seeds!! So far so good. Strong construction, easily fitted without disturbing the table. Its a bit of a nuisance putting tiny screws in upside down!!!

Excellent value. Many thanks By mike, on 10 Feb 2018

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Successful product...good design, well made and worth the price.

I tried spikes on the 50mm square wooden post that supports my bird table and the squirrels kept finding a way through. Having lost that battle I researched online and chose this as it appeared to be the best alternative for specification, appearance and price.

The baffle and bracket are well made and easy to fit to the pole without having to take the pole, base and bird table apart. The fact that it sits loosely on top of on the bracket and tilts when the squirrel reaches out to the rim from underneath means they struggle to get a good grip and enough purchase to climb up the sloping baffle. My squirrels did try biting the rim in frustration with limited success and did also chew the post a bit.

I initially fitted the baffle about 8cm below the base of the table and had fun watching the squirrels grab the rim and do double back-flips off when the baffle tilted. This went on for a few days with multiple squirrels and multiple attempts and then one of them managed to get to the edge of the table and clamber on. Once learned he/she could repeat this with a bit of effort.

I then moved the baffle to about 12cm from the underside of the table to make the gap to the table from the rim a bit bigger and that worked. I have now had more than 10 days with a squirrel free bird table and they appear to have given up trying. I did also get some 1.5mm galvanised wire and made a few spikes on the post just under the baffle to deter them from trying to attack the bracket, which is made of fairly dense and chunky plastic. Not sure if it helped; they have did have a chew at the post, but no marks on the bracket.

If it wasn't for the tilting action it would need to have a much bigger diameter to work. My post was 50mm square. It might not work so well if the post was greater than about 60mm square as it would not tilt as well.

Overall, I think it is well designed, well made and worth the price. By Birdbrain, on 21 Apr 2017
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Needs to be mounted high enough

The main benefit was this hid the feeder from view from ground level. Experience says it needs to be mounted at least 5' above ground other wise they can jump over it. Ours was mounted at 3' 6"" above ground and so all it succeeded in doing was to provide a feeding platform. Am going to try chilli powder next!

RSPB RESPONSE: Thank you for your review, our testing showed the baffle as being effective at stopping most squirrels on RSPB bird tables. The baffle should be fitted as high up as possible, just under the feeding platform. By Chris G, on 25 May 2016
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Bird table squirrel baffle

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Product information

Help to deter squirrels climbing up the stem of your RSPB bird table with this baffle, which will tilt if a squirrel manages to get onto it.

The baffle opens up so you can easily wrap it round the stem of your existing bird table, meaning you do not need to dissemble your bird table to fit or adjust this baffle.

Suitable for our Adjus-table, Pagoda, Open, Gallery, Gothic and Country Barn bird tables, our Signpost wooden feeding station or any other table with a square stem measuring up to 6 cm x 6 cm (Bird table not included).

Baffle diameter is 52 cm.
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In stock

Bird table squirrel baffle


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