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I love Robins feeder I love Robins feeder

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Highly recommended

Strong, sturdy and light feeder. I hung it from a branch of the Berberis outside the window. Very easy to adjust the height. I put dried mealworms in mine. The great-tits have bought their chicks and have sat inside quite happily chomping away at the mealworms. Sparrows, tits and robin have visited, great for keeping bigger birds away and looks attractive. By Jef, on 20 Jun 2016
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A waste of money

Unlike other reviewers I found this a complete waste of time and have discarded it. Although Robins and tits used it no matter how low I placed the dome Starlings would simply hang on the edge of the bottom disc and eat all the contents within minutes. Although I admire their skill it really did not exclude starlings as expected. I placed it in the bin after a week of daily feeds.

RSPB RESPONSE: Thank you for your review, and we are sorry to hear that you are disappointed. You can return any items that you are not happy with within 90 days, no quibble. By Embleton, on 19 May 2016
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Great product

Currently hanging this from the lowest branch of a standard rose, light enough not to damage the rose and sturdy enough to do the job. Alternating between buggy nibbles and sunflower hearts, both of which have stayed clean and dry. Tits and robins regularly visit the feeder. By Inkberrow Robins, on 16 Jan 2016
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I love Robins feeder

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Product information
This neat little feeder has a domed roof to keep food dry in wet weather, and because it's clear, it gives you a great view of the birds! The dome slides up and down so you can deter larger birds if you wish.

  • - Perfect for feeding seeds, suet or mealworms.
  • - Made from tough polycarbonate, so won't yellow or crack.
  • - Dome diameter is 15 cm.
155mm W x 155mm D x 225mm H






In stock

I love Robins feeder


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