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Bird feeder seed tray small Bird feeder seed tray small

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Pigeon Heaven

I first got the medium sized tray to keep seed from dropping to the ground. Feral pigeons were having a feast. It was too big, so I got the small one--still too big. The pigeons sit on it and eat to their hearts content. It's true, there is very little spillage, so fewer pigeons get fed, but the ones that do . . . ! I'm just waiting for the new batch of fledglings from them. And, yes, they hog up the feeder so the little birds don't have a chance. I've tried everything I know of to eliminate feral pigeons from my garden with little results.

RSPB response: Thank you for your review, I am sorry that you are unhappy with this product. We do sell a Pigeon seed tray adaptor (R408662) which could be the product you need to allow your smaller birds to feed. Whilst it does not stop the pigeons from feeding from the tray, it separates the tray from the feeder so that the pigeons do not use the ports and smaller birds get a look in. By Elizabeth, on 17 Mar 2017
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Good for catching seed etc. But.......

I bought four of these to stop so much seed being spilt by the Starlings who attack the feeders with such vigour the seed goes everywhere, the trays do seem to catch most of the food but not all of it, but the ground feeders do clean up most from the floor but still a lot gets wasted, however my disappointment is caused because the collared doves and even the larger pigeons, who now perch precariously on these trays and eat all the seed as though its their birthday, thus keeping the smaller birds away, and one pigeon has even managed to break one tray in half, I have thought about fitting a guardian to the feeders to stop the doves and pigeons, but does anyone know if a tray can still be fitted to a feeder underneath a guardian, I would like to know, and also if the starlings can still fit in through the guardian holes as I don't want to stop them from feeding.

RSPB response:
Thank you for your review. Our feeder guardians can be fitted with the base upside down, so that they catch the dropped seed. This is shown on some of the online photos. By Bazza B., on 18 May 2015
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Poorly Sized for Easy-Clean Feeders

I have just replaced this product after 4 years use as my original one cracked after I screwed it up too tight. It was also discoloured.

I found this tray to be slightly too big for my old style RSPB seed feeder as doves, pigeons and even crows used it as a perch.

However, with an Easy-Clean seed feeder I have found it to be an even more inconvenient size. This is because these new feeders have larger holes than the old model. In some ways that is good but I have found a huge amount of the seed now ends up on the ground because the larger birds are now able to make much more mess. Therefore if the tray were smaller the birds could not sit on it and if it were larger more seed would be caught.

I would guess this is why the RSPB have designed a new, larger, tray. I am considering doing away with the tray and going back to not having one. Paradoxically, I suspect will result in less spillage. By Glyn, on 14 Jul 2013
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Bird feeder seed tray, small

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Product information
Bird seed trays reduce waste (and mess) and provide extra perching space on your bird feeders.
They're made from tough polycarbonate, with drainage holes and are designed for use with our feeder pole or on hanging feeders. Particularly recommended for nyjer feeders.

This small seed tray is specifically designed for all RSPB Classic, Ultimate Easy-clean®, Cheater® and Premium bird feeders too.

Supplied with a large butterfly screw, which finger tightens to secure it to the bottom of RSPB Classic, Cheater®, Ultimate Easy-clean® and Premium feeders. .
Diameter 21.5 cm
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In stock

Bird feeder seed tray, small


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