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RSPB Premium nut feeder + guardian small RSPB Premium nut feeder + guardian small

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Which way up for the base?

The base is advertised as being versatile: one way up it prevents spillage; the other way up it allows water to run off.
We have used many varieties of base and they all seem to have drainage holes which are either too small to be effective or are located under the feeder and therefore in a useless position for drainage. Surely it is time for at least one producer to work out the best position for the holes = large enough & far enough away from the feeder to do the job. I am about to drill holes at the junction of the flat bottom and angled edge to see if that works (the odd seed may fall through but at least the rest will be kept dry.

Hopefully this guard will keep the wood pigeons off the feeder as they have made such a mess that rats have taken to sitting under the feeder as soon as they see the pigeons fly in. Nature's symbiosis of "waste not, want not", but not a welcome one.

RSPB response: Thank you for your review. The base can be fitted either way up as you describe. We have recently worked with our supplier and have added four extra drainage holes in the part of the base that you mention, this will apply for all future production. By Clive, on 13 Sep 2015
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Don't rush to judgement

I bought the feeder & guardian approx 3 months ago, and noting the RSPB advice inset the base so that water wouldn't collect. Initially the starlings couldn't get at the food as, compared to the cheapo feeder it was due to replace, the food column was a tad further from the guardian and the garden 'mesh' holes were a tad smaller in height. 3 months on, they've worked it out!!

I kept the cheapo feeder initially for the starlings, now needed for volume purposes. Have noted that the finish of the cheapo feeder seems to stand up better over time to applications of bird muck. It may go dull, but doesn't scrape off as with the RSPB feeder if sometimes unavoidably it gets hardened on. By Alison, on 1 Jul 2015
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disappointing design

I don't think this has been 'road tested' as a buggy nibble feeder. Problems as follows:
1.The saucer shape of the base fills up with rain water and the very small drainage holes clog up with food droppings very quickly. Result - you get soggy food and rainwater down your arm each time you take it down (if, like me, you hang it at above head height)
2. The mesh column is too wide. The food forms a pyramid in the middle that the birds can't reach which gradually turns mouldy in wet weather.
3. It's difficult to clean: the bar retaining the handle can't be removed so access inside the centre column is restricted. The base inside the column is an inverted V shape - meaning food clogs between the edge of the base and the mesh wall. and you get the most disgusting slimy mess which works its way under the mesh column up inside its base.
Basically, it's a complete pain and I hope the new designs work a lot better.

RSPB Response - Thanks for your review. The base of our guardians can be placed either way up. If you find it is collecting water, try turning it the other way up, so it sheds, rather than collects. In damp conditions, you could try not filling the feeder completely, so the food doesn't sit for too long. By marymary, on 2 Feb 2014
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RSPB Premium nut feeder & guardian small

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Product information

Made with steel mesh our RSPB Premium nut feeder is great for peanuts or suet nibbles. Easy to clean, the feeder now also comes in this fantastic offer with a matching guardian.

  • - Includes small RSPB Premium nut feeder & guardian
  • - Feeder measures 30.3 cm tall
  • - Feeder capacity 500 ml
Keeping your bird feeders clean will help keep your birds healthy, happy and coming back for more. Find out more about how to clean your feeder on our bird feeder guide page.
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In stock

RSPB Premium nut feeder & guardian small


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