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Bird window stickers Bird window stickers

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New idea needed

Attaching stickers to the outside of windows is hardly a practical idea for levels above the ground floor especially when they are regularly cleaned by contractors - my office for example. in addition, evidence from the office and at home is that birds will fly into a window that reflects a clear path not just when they can see through to the other side. I've picked up a very badly injured blackbird this morning that had flown into a window as evidence for both these points.

The hanging CD sounds good but access still difficult. Any other ideas?

By PT, on 1 Aug 2015
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Bird strikes on windows

I have tried all sorts of stickers but I have resorted to hanging a few old CD tied onto varying lengths of string on the outside. They dangle nicely and that has put off the birds. Yes they look strange but no more dead or injured birds! By Mij, on 27 Jun 2015
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OK, but I don't think they do what they're supposed to do, i.e. deter birds from flying into windows

These are very nice to look at, very decorative, and good value for money. Unfortunately, I do not think they actually deter birds from flying into windows. In fact, I wonder if the birds see other birds ( the stickers) and assume that they are in free air and fly towards them.
I am not sure about the RSPB comment that there is 'no evidence to suggest that window stickers...increase bird strikes.' It seems to me that the reviews posted on here must represent some sort of 'field test ' evidence, if only anecdotal.
I find the only sure way to prevent strikes is to keep the curtains closed!

RSPB response - Thanks for your review. Unfortunately it is impossible to prevent all bird strikes on windows, however having a sticker of any kind on the window will make it easier for birds to acknowledge that there is something there that they cannot fly through. Bird shapes are used as stickers as they are attractive to look at, there is no evidence that the birds actually recognise the silhouettes as another bird. We stock various designs of sticker, so there is always a choice available to help prevent window strikes. By Bess, on 10 Jun 2013
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Bird window stickers

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Product information
Prevent birds flying into windows and doors by placing these decorative window stickers on the outside of the glass.

These pretty stickers cling tight to any clean glossy surface, without adhesive, and peel off without trace.

A4 sheeting containing five images.
These stickers work best if placed on the outside of the window. Make sure the glass is clean and dry before applying the stickers.

They are particularly useful on windows where there is a clear view through the building, for instance from front to back. Birds can mistake this clear view for a clear path and try to fly through.
Something as simple as one of these stickers can help prevent birds flying into windows and getting hurt or even killed.
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Bird window stickers


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