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Helping nesting birds

When spring arrives, we all want to do our best to help the new life emerging around us. By now, you might have blue tits occupying your nestbox, pigeons brooding in a nearby tree or a robin making a home in a garden shed.

With all these new mouths to feed, parent birds have a pretty busy time of it. Usually, both the male and female will expend a great deal of energy flying to and from the nest. One blue tit chick will happily finish off 100 caterpillars a day, so with ten in a nest, you're talking 1000 caterpillars every day.

Read below our 5 ways to help nesting birds and see our products below.

The Right Food
  • While birds will mainly be on the look-out for insects and grubs to feed their brood, they will also take food we put out. We’ve just got to make sure it’s the right kind. At this time of year, we'd advise live mealworms, dried mealworms, high-energy sprinkles, buggy nibbles or our favourites blend (see products below). Avoid leaving choking hazards like whole peanuts on bird tables, and remember not to put out too much at one time or it may go stale.
Keep it Clean
  • To prevent birds picking up and passing on diseases to their young, try to clean your feeders every two weeks. We recommend Ark-Klens and the long-handled brush below.
Make a Splash
  • It’s also helpful to leave out fresh water, especially on hotter days. This bird bath and stand is one of our most popular. Again, make sure water dishes are cleaned and refilled regularly.
Feathering the nest
  • In April, many birds will still be building their nests. Leave out natural nesting material like human hair from your hairbrush, or groom the dog/cat outside. Fluff from the dryer is also very much sought-after by avian house-hunters. Tie bits of fluff and hair up with string and deposit it around the garden, or keep it neat in this nice container.
Lay down your loppers
  • Try not to do too much intensive pruning of your hedges, ivy and shrubbery at this time of year, when birds may be nesting unseen beneath the foliage and relying on it for cover. That done, and you should have a garden bursting with new life before long!

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